30 Rib Tattoo Ideas For Boys and Girls


Tattoo Design is something which you need to think more seriously. It is an important decision in your life as it can be embarrassing mistake if you’re tattoo design is awkward.

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Tattoos are permanently inked to your skin, so your tattoo design needs to be like such with which you are more comfortable with, one which really gives you confidence while showing off. Tattoos are becoming mainstream these days and one has to think more innovative and edgy when it comes to choosing a tattoo design.
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Choose your style

Even though tattoos are so common these days, but still not many people know much about them. Tattoos are still considered odd, questionable and even taboo to some people. But instead of that, tattoo shows confidence and personality of an individual.

  • A perfect tattoo design speaks about a person, his characteristic, and his /her belief. Before choosing a tattoo, it is important to choose about the place where you want to have a tattoo. This each one has to decide depending upon his/her choice of place, your tolerance ability and tattoo design.
  • Among all the places in the body, one most trendy place to have a tattoo are on Rib Cage are. Rib Tattoos are becoming more popular these days, with new sexy tat enthusiasts are opting for this type of them on their body. According to various tattoo artists, females are more attracted towards opting for rib cage tattoo compared to men.

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Rib Tattoos: A popular choice

Rib tattoos are mostly preferred by men and women because of lots of reasons:

  • Rib cage area is a perfect canvas for tattoo artist to work on.
  • It is larger body part which can accommodate many amazing and intricate designs.
  • Designs made on this part of the body can highlight the natural curvatures of a girl’s body.
  • It is a unique and special place to have a tattoo, not many even have the courage to try having a rib tattoo because it pains like hell.

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Rib Tattoo Designs

Going for a Rib Tattoo design could be an excruciating painful experience but those who have it in their mind will have it on their body. It is more about the fact that psychological factors play a huge role when it comes to pain perception which does not matter whether you are a man or woman. Rib Cage are is generally very thin, flat and bony part and you can imagine the number of needles going through such a place, how much pain it can create to have a rib tattoo. So it all comes down to you asking question to yourself that are you ready or not for a tattoo journey?

The answer lies in the satisfaction when you owe a unique and amazing tattoo design on your body. This motivates you. So it is important to choose the best design so that it pays off for the pain you go through while having a Rib tattoo. Let us find some unique designs for tattoo.
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  • Rib tattoo Design for Guys: Most of the men go for Rib tattoo design so as to show off their physique and toughness. A guy with perfect shaped body would love to flaunt it as it really needs to be brave enough to tolerate its pain. Some of the most popular designs of Rib tattoos are fish, dragon, tiger, panther and snake. Mythical creatures are also fancied by guys.

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  • Design for Girls: Girls about the age of 18 or early 20s love to have cute design like cherry, blossoms, roses, lilies or lotus. Butterfly design are also popular among girls these days as one can have it of any color and size on rib cage area.

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  • Rib Tattoos for Women: Women are more grown up girls and they love to show their body curvatures by dressing like that. There are some interesting designs for women above 25 years, like quote, lettering, quotations and script tattoos can be usually seen on the sexy area of women. Some ladies also prefer designs like animals, birds, butterflies or fishes. The flower designs also look adorable on women rib cage area.

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Rib Tattoo Care

There are some concerns and care which is required before having a Rib tattoo. So it is advisable to have a tattoo from a professional expert. Also it needs a proper tattoo care after having a tattoo. Tattoo are can get little itchy or scrab after some weeks so in that case you need to check with your skin doctor. Also the tattoo artist will give you safety precautions and tips so keep in mind after having a tattoo.
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The rib cage tattoos are “in” these days and they are broadly used to express a strong statement about one’s edgy personality. This is a trendy way to be in fashion these days. You can always choose an artistic design on your body depending on your choice, personality and shape.

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