30 Unique Diamond Tattoo Design



Tattoos, well you all might know that it is a way of getting yourself inked. The ink is being injected inside your skin with the use of some injections, and with this different designs or messages can be drawn on your body which tends to convey some meaning or just some beautiful designs. There are various types of tattoos which one can get it done on his body. However, Diamond tattoos are one of the famous streams of tattoos and it can be done by both men and women. Out of all the designs, diamond tattoo has topped the list and has been the favourite of the customers for various reasons.

What does your diamond tattoo convey?

Various meanings have been attached with the word diamond, and the one getting the shape of the diamond engraved on their body also conveys certain meaning. It is also symbolic and may vary according to your own beliefs. Some of the meanings are listed below:

  • Invincible
  • Strength
  • Purity
  • Durable
  • Everlasting love

Hence the purpose of tattoo is being fulfilled by having a diamond tattoo for you i.e. it is self-explanatory as it conveys all what you would want to say, and along with this it also adds beauty to your body.


History of Diamonds

  • Diamond word got its origin from Greek word, and it means invincible. It is considered to be indestructible and also the strongest form of earth metal.
  • Diamond has been the favorite form of jewelry especially when it comes to women. It can be worn in the form of rings, bracelet, necklaces or earrings.
  • It has been a symbol of both wealth and fashion.
  • Diamond have also been placed under the skin of some people, people get their skin cut and get placed diamonds beneath it.
  • And lately, diamonds are also being represented in the form of tattoos, where in the shapes of the tattoos are being engraved on the human body, and the colour is being injected into the debris of the skin.


Choosing diamond tattoo

There are various reasons due to which one chooses to have a diamond tattoos/ some of the reasons are listed below;

  • The choice of diamond tattoos may be made due to the beauty of the design itself. It is considered as a fashion statement.
  • The diamond tattoos are favourable for both men and women, as men can opt for diamond tattoos and can get skull or flames around it to give the tattoo a more masculine look; however women can get flowers done along with it to make it look more beautiful and feminine. However, rose is the most common design of flower which is being used in case of tattoos of women.
  • Diamonds are also chosen due to the meanings they convey, as learnt from the facts mentioned in the article earlier which states that diamonds cannot be destroyed and also is considered as a symbol of love. So it can be used to convey to your strong love to the other person, hence here it appropriately suits to say that love can be conveyed without using words.

Hence it is left on you to decide that whether you want the diamond tattoo because of the beauty it embraces within itself or because of the strong meanings which it convey.


Popular Diamond Tattoo Designs

All of the diamond tattoos have been popular however some of them has been listed below, to give you a glimpse of how it look like and how you can improvise it to make it look all the more beautiful and glamorous.

  • You can have the initials of the name inked and then it can be surrounded with some of the different diamond designs, making it look all the more beautiful and unique.
  • Another one already discussed above, is getting a diamond inked along with some of the flowers. It is almost used by women in order to add more beauty to the tattoos. Even use of good colour combinations can be used to make it look more attractive.



Risks associated with Diamond tattoo Design

Getting a tattoo is a painful job, and not only this it is also exposed to certain health risks which one must be aware of before getting a tattoo done.

  • Allergy: It may cause allergy on your body, due to the type of dyes which is being used on your skin. This may cause certain reactions on your skin itself. And don’t be amazed when it occurs on your skin after years of having it done, because this may also happen.
  • Infections:After tattooing one may also have infection on there skin, which can be in the form of redness, pain or some swelling.
  • Bloodborne diseases: Before getting a tattoo done, ensure that the injections used to create the tattoos are not infected or are being sterilized and if such is not the case then the use of such infections may expose you to certain diseases like hepatitis B or C.