100 Colorful Tattoo Designs To Brighten Your Day


This article focuses on one hundred images depicting beautiful, colored tattoos. These photos will present you with the techniques, subjects, and symbolism prevalent in modern tattooing and will help you identify these features in the future. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments section, enjoy!


Ships Wheel and Anchor
color tattoo designs (1)

A ships steering wheel and anchor are located on the wearer’s feet. The wearer has multiple colored tattoos but the pieces don’t clash because the images have a similar color palette.

Water Color Dragonfly 

color tattoo designs (1)

A watercolor styled depiction of a dragonfly is composed of light blue, pink, and black ink. This piece, portrayed on the wearer’s forearm, is a mediocre example of the watercolor style.

Anchor and Birds

color tattoo designs (2)

A vibrant blue anchor is surrounded by two watercolor depictions of birds. A dove is shown to the left of the anchor while a hummingbird is depicted to the right of the anchor. Both birds are composed using red and purple ink.

Stomach Piece

color tattoo designs (2)

A red heart with a keyhole is surrounded by purple roses and two golden keys. This piece is inspired by the “key to my heart” motif and adds the flowers for embellishment.

Mom and Dad

color tattoo designs (3)

A brightly colored sleeve is rich with elements including; a crown with a banner reading “DAD”, a heart-shaped diamond with a banner reading “MOM”, flowers, wings, clouds, and sunshine.

Geometric Fish

color tattoo designs (3)

A creative concept that portrays a fish with the bottom half of the creature broken down into colorful geometric shapes.


color tattoo designs (4)

Mandalas are a beautiful image and the addition of colors makes the striking patterns pop.

So Many Animals

color tattoo designs (4)

This random assortment of images reminds me of a flea market sales table. Seemingly unrelated items are crammed together in a single space including, animals, candles, scissors, clocks, and hearts.


color tattoo designs (5)

This is a beautiful tattoo depicting an elephant using only bright colors. This watercolor inspired piece uses vibrant colors and precise line work to compose this gorgeous piece.


color tattoo designs (6)

Black cursive handwriting is accented by a blue smudge and pink smudge.


color tattoo designs (7)

While this wearer has a large amount of tattoos, notice how your eyes are drawn to the bright reds in the flower on his chest and the snake on his arm.

Color Circle

color tattoo designs (8)

This well executed concept shows a a circle composed of multiple colors in an overlapping pattern. Tattoos of this nature should be done by tattoo artists that are experienced with color distribution.


color tattoo designs (9)


A cityscape shows some of New York’s most famous landmarks including; The Empire State Building and the Verrazano Bridge. The background is composed of a blue watercolor smear while the windows of the elevated train are depicted in yellow and the stop lights in red.

Colorful Skull

color tattoo designs (10)

Multiple colors are used to depict a skull in this watercolor styled piece.

Abstract Crow Chest Piece

color tattoo designs (11)

This abstract tattoo depicts four crows, a couple of dandelions growing sideways, a blue line, a red line, and a Latin quote reading “Vulnerant Omnes, Ultima Negat.” The translation of the quote reads, “Every hour hurts, the last kills” or the “All hurt, the last kills.”

Watercolor Hummingbird

color tattoo designs (12)

A hummingbird is depicted in a watercolor style using a multitude of bright colors.

Blue and Red Bird

color tattoo designs (13)

This back piece depicts a blue and red eagle composed with bold blocks of color. A crown hovers over the bird’s head and two lines cut through the piece and meet a forty five degree angle.

Lotus Watercolor


color tattoo designs (14)

A black lotus with mandala patterns is accented by blue and purple watercolor smears.


color tattoo designs (15)

This tattoo is equal parts great concept and great execution. A woman (shown in blue) is standing beneath an umbrella as a series of  watercolors cascade down upon her.

Mountainscape Vignette

color tattoo designs (16)

This vignette shows an icy mountainside in front of a colorful background. The blue and white coloration of the mountain contrasts well with the predominantly yellow background.

Lotus Chest Piece and Sea Life Sleeve

color tattoo designs (17)


This wearer has multiple colored tattoos including the lotus surrounded by waves on his chest. The lotus is colored using a lively palette of green, orange, yellow, purple, and red. On the wearer’s left arm we see a sleeve depicting sea life including sharks and sea turtles. On the wearer’s right arm a flower is depicted over a blue background. The consistent use of blue in the varying pieces makes the entirety of the work cohesive.


color tattoo designs (18)

A beautifully detailed feather is depicted in blue and purple. From the top of the feather a flock of birds are portrayed in black silhouettes.

Watercolor Tree

color tattoo designs (19)

A black and gray tree is depicted over a swirl of watercolors as a few leaves float in the wind.


color tattoo designs (20)

A varying assortment of flowers utilizes multiple colors in this remarkable piece depicted on the wearer’s bicep.

Cosmic Lion Portrait

color tattoo designs (21)

A lion portrait is divided lengthwise, depicting a realistic lion on the left side, and a purple, blue, black, and green cosmic scene on the right side.

Watercolor Rose

color tattoo designs (22)

A rose is depicted in a watercolor style, using a rich palette of colors including, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Black and Red

color tattoo designs (23)

A consistent black and red motif throughout the wearer’s artwork unifies the tattoos and creates consistency.

Watercolor Butterfly Portrait

color tattoo designs (24)

This is a truly incredible piece of work shown on the wearer’s forearm. Blue, purple, and red watercolors compose a portrait of a woman with butterflies fluttering around her face. A few droplets of color run down the the wearer’s arm and create a charming detail in this outstanding piece.


color tattoo designs (25)

This abstract piece depicts a smear of black, red, blue, and yellow coloring on the wearer’s forearm.

Epic Ink Blot Bird

color tattoo designs (26)

A bird is depicted using ink blot like lines and is accented with blue and red watercolor accents.


color tattoo designs (27)

The back of a beautifully rendered mermaid is shown in this tattoo. The figures bright orange hair and blue fishtail are accented by small purple flourishes.

Just Press Play

color tattoo designs (28)

Sideways triangles reminiscent of the PLAY symbol are accented with running black and blue watercolors.

Day of the Dead Skull and Owl

color tattoo designs (29)

A baby blue skull is depicted on the stomach of an owl in this tattoo. The elaborate design uses traditional day of the dead designs to decorate the  skull and owl while a dark red jewel sits on the skulls chin.


color tattoo designs (30)

  Light green ink and red flourishes make this plant life depicting piece pop.

Time Flies

color tattoo designs (31)

A pair of wings adorn a hourglass filled with blood and a banner reads “WHO HAS FOREVER ANYWAY.” This tattoo uses the boldly red blood and green wreath to accentuate the focal point.

Video Game Tattoo

color tattoo designs (32)

This tattoo uses images from multiple different franchises. Sonic is shown jumping toward a gold ring against a blue background. Mushrooms from the Super Mario franchise are shown to the upper right of Sonic and the symbol for the Legend of Zelda is shown on the wearer’s wrist.

Watercolor Crack


color tattoo designs (33)

This tattoo portrays the wearer’s skin cracking and embellishes the image with watercolors.

Roses and Sparrows


color tattoo designs (35)


Because of their association with fire and water, red and blue are often used as opposing colors. In this tattoo we see the colors used to depict the opposing sparrows on the wearer’s forearm.

Tall Tree

color tattoo designs (36)

A tall, black tree is accented with ink blots and circles as blue and purple watercolors add splashes of color in this tattoo.


color tattoo designs (37)

The back of a man with two drawn swords is depicted in bold blacks against a red back drop in this tattoo that runs along the wearer’s spine.


color tattoo designs (38)

Two colorful sleeves display multiple images.


color tattoo designs (39)

This tattoo shows a candy cane striped lighthouse with wings on this wearers thigh.


color tattoo designs (40)

The wearer exhibits two pieces done on their thighs. One tattoo is surrounded by roses while the other is surrounded by an ornate gold framing.

Time Splattered

color tattoo designs (41)

A wrist watch explodes with color in this innovative piece.

Tiger Portrait

color tattoo designs (42)

The side profile of a tigers head is done in bright watercolors in this back piece.

Flowered Sleeve

color tattoo designs (43)

The wearer’s sleeve depicts multiple flowers and uses bold colors to draw the eye.

Mom and Dad

color tattoo designs (44)

Stylized portraits honoring the wearer’s mom and dad are shown on the back of the wearer’s thighs. The portraits are surrounded by red roses and the tattoos are accented with touches of blue.

Mandala and Feathers

color tattoo designs (45)

A red mandala is accented with a pair of feathers. The mandala is a soft shade of red while the feathers show touches of orange and red.

Bird and Roses

color tattoo designs (46)

A bird composed of black outlines is found in the middle of three roses in this bicep piece.

Foot Rose

color tattoo designs (47)

A rosebud with a blue bow is tattooed on the wearer’s foot.

Gentlemanly Owl

color tattoo designs (48)

A dapper owl perches upon a staff while wearing suspenders and a bowler in this tattoo. The bird is comprised of mostly blue and purple ink while the scepter is gold with a red top.


color tattoo designs (49)

A lotus flower and water is shown on the wearer’s right arm while small flowers and a blue jay are found on her left arm.

Trippy Chihuahua

color tattoo designs (50)

A chihuahas head is accented with watercolors and elaborate patterns in this unique piece. A lotus is drawn in the dogs left eye while a heart is shown in the dogs right eye.

Yellow Skull

color tattoo designs (51)

A yellow skull over a swirled red background is shown on the wearer’s back while a colorful hummingbird is depicted on her bicep.


color tattoo designs (52)

The dense collection of colorful tattoos creates the effect of graffiti on the wearer’s right bicep.

Geometric Rooster

color tattoo designs (53)

A rooster is broken down into geometric shapes and colored using pinks, purples, blues, and oranges in this tattoo.

Feminine Sleeve

color tattoo designs (54)

Multiple colorful tattoos compliment one another in this elaborate sleeve.

Blue and Red Bird



A bird is shown preparing for landing in an astounding color palette using blue and red.


color tattoo designs (56)

The eye is drawn to the brightly colored roses on the wearer’s chest in this photo.

Little Monsters

color tattoo designs (57)

A blue creature with sharp teeth cradles a smiling, pink, circular creature in this obscure tattoo.

Cosmic Bubbles

color tattoo designs (58)

This fascinating concept portrays a small girl blowing bubbles that create cosmic bodies and planets.

Origami Light Bulb

color tattoo designs (59)

A colorful light bulb holds a piece of origami and is surrounded by ink blots in this surreal tattoo.


color tattoo designs (60)

The consistent use of blue throughout the wearer’s work draws the eye to the various pieces along her body.

Watercolor Flowers

color tattoo designs (61)

Deep blues, purples, and greens are used to breathe new life into the popular image of flowers in this tattoo.

Crescent Moon Mandala

color tattoo designs (62)

A yellow and red crescent moon sits in the middle of an elaborate mandala pattern colored with pinks, blues, and greens.

“Body and Soul”

color tattoo designs (63)

A man’s hand is shown with a tattoo depicting a ships wheel over a blue background and accented with two yellow flowers. Meanwhile, a woman’s thigh has a tattoo with a red rose, an old microphone, and a banner reading,”Heart and Soul.”

Horny Heart

color tattoo designs (64)

A heart shaped creature displays amazing detail in this tattoo. Horns poke out from many animals of the beast while the expert color distribution gives life to the eyes.

Flowers and Motorcycle

color tattoo designs (65)

Blue, purple, and red roses are depicted on the wearer’s left arm while a small bird wearing a bandana perches atop a motorcycle on the wearer’s right arm.


color tattoo designs (66)

This wearer creates continuity by using reds throughout their tattoos. The wearer is also displaying a heart shaped microdermal piercing on their hand.

Butterfly Wing Portrait

color tattoo designs (67)

A series of brightly colored butterfly wings overlap and cover a woman’s face in this abstract portrait.


color tattoo designs (68)

Soft watercolors climb the length of the wearer’s back in this abstract tattoo.


color tattoo designs (69)

The consistent use of color in this wearer’s work brings the pieces together and creates a sense of continuity.

Star of David

color tattoo designs (70)

A colorful depiction of an overlapping Star of David comprises this tattoo.

The Hand

color tattoo designs (71)

A multi-colored hand is shown holding a multi-colored pencil in this off the wall tattoo.

Rooted Lotus

color tattoo designs (72)

A lotus bud sprouts an origami design while the roots of the lotus are represented by a black line. The line descends past a crescent moon and into the soil where it sprouts roots. The whole tattoo is embellished with a swirl of watercolors that are darkest near the center of the lotus and lightest around the crescent moon.


color tattoo designs (73)

An origami swan is depicted in bright blue and purple ink.

Ed Sheeran

color tattoo designs (74)

Ed Sheeran’s tattoos are densely packed and depict colorful patterns including snowflakes and puzzle pieces.

Stag Swag

color tattoo designs (75)

A black and gray portrait of a buck is livened up by touches of bright colors.

Flowered Chest Piece


color tattoo designs (76)

An elaborate chest piece has a blue centerpiece and is embellished with red roses.

Partial Mandala

color tattoo designs (77)

A piece of a mandala pattern is depicted in red, orange, and purple between the wearer’s breasts in this tattoo. The pattern continues with a small embellishment above the wearer’s belly button and draws the eye along the lines of her body.


color tattoo designs (78)

Swirled lines and patterns create the outline of a cartoon styled panda in this tattoo. Soft touches of color details the piece and creates complexity.

Colored Rib Feather

color tattoo designs (79)

A feather is created using no outline and vibrant colors in this unique rib piece.

View of the Universe

color tattoo designs (82)

The silhouette of a cityscape is shown beneath a system of cosmic bodies in this phenomenal watercolor inspired piece.

Fox Portrait

color tattoo designs (83)

A realistically colored fox portrait is shown over a black mandala pattern in this beautiful tattoo.

Hand Mandala

color tattoo designs (84)

Ornate blue and gold mandala patterns adorn the wearer’s hands in this striking tattoo.

Colorful Swirl

color tattoo designs (85)

A swirl is created using black outlines and multiple colors in this swirl tattoo located on the wearer’s forearms.

Geometric Rabbit

color tattoo designs (86)

A rabbit is created using geometric shapes and colors including, green, blue, maroon, and purple.

Watercolor Bird

color tattoo designs (87)

A cartoon style rendering of a bird is embellished with bright watercolors in this piece.


color tattoo designs (88)

A stylized bat is shown hanging upside down in this thigh tattoo. Small berries and designs surround the bat and a small series of dots frames the piece.

Paisley Feather

color tattoo designs (89)

Blue and red paisley designs run the length of a black and gray feather in this thigh tattoo.

“An Eye for an Eye”

color tattoo designs (90)

The side profile of a skull is shown on the wearer’s let arm. The piece is embellished with a dagger and a banner reading, “An eye for an eye.”


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Similarly colored and shaped pieces adorn the wearer’s arm in this photo.


color tattoo designs (92)

An elephant is portrayed in black ink with red embellishments and jewels in this well-done piece.

Geometric Shapes and Skulls

color tattoo designs (93)

A dotted circle, colorful geometric shapes, and a skull missing the mandible comprise this odd tattoo.

Cartoon Cityscape

color tattoo designs (94)

A series of simply drawn, colorful buildings create this ankle tattoo.

Serious Barber

color tattoo designs (95)

A barbers pole is accented with a yellow flower in this occupationally exclusive hand tattoo.


color tattoo designs (96)

A multi-faceted gemstone is comprised using various colors in this unique forearm tattoo.

Colorful Spine

color tattoo designs (97)

A multi-colored line runs the length of the wearer’s spine in this simple tattoo.

“Belle de Nuit”

color tattoo designs (98)

A portrait pictures a girl with a menacing facial expression and a rib cage torso. The piece is against a blue background and elaborately framed with patterns and flowers. The phrase “Belle de Nuit” translates to “beauty of the night.”

Colored Hand Blocks

color tattoo designs (99)

Blocks of various colors decorate the wearer’s hand in this straightforward tattoo.

Forearm Rose

color tattoo designs (100)

A bloomed rosebud overlaps a thorny stem leading to a rosebud that hasn’t bloomed in this forearm tattoo.

Origami Watercolors

color tattoo designs (101)

Two origami swans are colored using watercolor smudges in this cute tattoo.

Red and Blue Swans

color tattoo designs (102)

This pair of tattoos depicts a blue swan on one wearer’s bicep and a red swan on the other wearer’s bicep.

Pink Stylize Fox

color tattoo designs (103)

A pink cartoon fox is shown with a small crown on its head and is overlapping a colorful background embellished with patterns and planets in this ankle piece.