30 best Koi Tattoo For Boys and Girls


Koi tattoos have become very popular these days. There are a lot of positive things about this Koi fish tattoos. Hence it gives a great moral boost to people wearing it. The good advantage of this tattoos are that there are a lot of designs available which is very vibrant and gives lot of happiness and good energy to the heart. It is very important to learn a lot of things about this fish type before going in detail about the tattoo designs. These Koi fish tattoosstand out unique despite of so many other tattoos designs available in the market.

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What is Koi fish?

    • Koi fish is a very big fish of the carp family. It is said to be very colorful in all vibrant colors
    • So, this fish almost is said to depict a big golden fish when it is seen at an instance in red and orange colors.
    • Koi fish tattoos are of Japanese base. There are no perfect references to the history. Some claim it off from Chinese origin also.

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  • The history of Koi fish tattoos has a Japanese base wherein Koi fish is supposed to climb a water fall at dragon gate. It is believed that if it climbed up successfully, then it will be transformed to a dragon. Because of this reason, Koi fish tattoosare meant for perseverance and advancements in life.
  • This fish variety constantly moves and agitates in water. The way of aggression is a quality that needs to be taken in human brain to succeed in life.
  • The specialty of Koi fish is that it can swim against the current, which is very much required in this modern competitive world.
  • The original fish is said to be three feet in length
  • There are a lot of meanings for Koi fish tattoos. A few are listed here

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Meanings of Koi fish tattoos

  •  Determination, Ambition and self-improvement
  •  Good luck
  •  Freedom and independence
  •  Endurance
  •  Strength of character
  •  Perseverance in worst situations
  •  Courage
  • Above all these, the basic meaning of a Koi fish tattoos are said to be strength.
  • Koi fish tattoos designs are symbols of aspiration and advancement
  • Because of all these meanings, a Koi fish tattoois a legend of all times.

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Koi fish tattoo designs

    • Koi fish tattoos designs can differ with size, position, color and placement of the fish in it.
    • There are a lot of meanings in the variations for Koi fish tattoos.
    • These differences are made depending on the person having the Koi fish tattoos on his body.
    • It is really good to put the tattoo on a place which will not get hidden even if you need to follow certain dress code in your work place. Try putting Koi fish tattoos in a place of your body like hands, lower arm, neck or face. So that you can be with it always.
    • In the Koi fish tattoos design along with the fish you can try adding a calm pool, a flowing river or something like that to get it along with nature. It will serve as good environment for the main theme.

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  • Koi fish tattoos are said to be very vibrant in colors and very colorful
  • Since Koi fish tattoos reflect the positive aspects of life, it turns out to give a great pride of the persons tattooing it.
  • Koi fish tattoos are pretty expensive tattoos. The reason for this is Koi fish tattoos are pretty big tattoos consuming a lot of ink. Though tattooist is not for wasting a lot of ink. Making a Koi fish tattoos forces the person to use a lot of ink. This becomes very inevitable.
  • Though Koi fish tattoos is very famous, there are millions of designs in this tattoo type and hence making your tattoo very unique and special.
  • Koi fish tattoos consume a variety of colors. Hence, there is a lot of needle required to do this tattoo making it still more expensive.
  • There are so many online galleries in which you can get awesome Koi fish tattoos designs
  • There is one more main advantage of the Koi fish tattoos. As it fades out with time, there is a good scope to change the color of the tattoos.

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Features of Koi fish tattoos

Koi fish tattoos do not fail to make a significant place in the tattooing business. Since tattoos reflect our inner mind, being a natural thought of human brain to win in life, this is loved and chosen by all. Of all, Koi fish tattoosare seen as good luck and lucky charm for the person wearing it. It suits itself to all cultures around the world.
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