30 Amazing Sun Tattoo Designs for Boys and Girls


sun tattoo

Sun Tattoo design is one of the popular tattoo designs that are gaining popularity in the modern world. Sun tattoos can be engraved by both boys and girls. Sun Tattoo designs had always been related to the symbolism. Tattoo art had emerged out to be a modern art form and people love it. Earlier, tattoos were only the symbol, but nowadays tattoo art had become the trend. People are going for good tattoo designing on different parts of their body.  These sun tattoos are also available in different designs and sizes. One can engrave sun tattoo design easily by going to professional artist. Let us discuss about sun tattoo design in brief.

Meaning of Sun Tattoo Design

We look sun as a symbol. It is the symbol of glory and life. Life would never have existed on Earth without the sun. So, sun is treated the symbol of life most of the times. Sun can also convey its meaning as a source of energy, power, and grandeur. Earlier, people generally used the sun tattoo design on their body parts because they believe that it keeps them away from evil and bring good luck.

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  • Sun tattoo represents the truth, faith and belief in a person
  • It symbolizes fertility too
  • Sun is the symbol of wisdom, and courage

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Sun tattoos027

  • Sun tattoos show our passion towards success
  • It protects you from danger and is symbol of good luck
  • It reflects the optimistic side of yours

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  • Sum tattoo designs may be associated with worship of God
  • Sun tattoo when mixed with moon tattoo design, it signifies the union of men and women

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History of Sun Tattoo Design

Sun tattoo is worn by both girls and boys. When we look back to the ancient symbol of sun tattoo, we find its meaning hidden in different cultures and civilizations. Sun is depicted in almost every culture that ever existed on Earth, so it is regarded s a supreme symbol. Most of the ancient civilizations represent it as the symbol of fertility, vitality, and everything that is associated with life. Native Americans considered sun as the guardian of the day and believed that sun had the healing power. In religion Christianity, the sun represented energy, strength, force, and life. It had been also associated with rebirth.

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Popular Ancient Sun Tattoo Designs

Some of the most popular ancient sun tattoo designs are as follows:

  • The circle with a point in center is one of the most popular ancient sun tattoo design and is related to astronomy and astrology.
  • Egyptians used to make the symbol of ‘Ra’, who is believed to be the Sun God of Egyptians.
  • Another popular sun tattoo design is depicted as solar wheel with a sun cross.

Sun tattoos004

Sun tattoos024

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  • Animals and flowers were also used for representing sun. Dragon and Phoenix symbolized sun. Flowers like sunflower, rose, and lotus also symbolize sun.

Sun tattoos008

Sun tattoos017

There are many more sun tattoo designs given by modern art. The modern art had mixed the design well so that they look perfect when worn by boys and girls.

Things to keep in mind before tattooing body parts

Certain things that must be looked at before going for tattooing your body parts are as follows:

  • You must think twice that whether to go for permanent tattoo or temporary tattoo design before you engrave the tattoo design on your body
  • The tattoo must not be associated with vulgarity or any kind of harassment for any caste or religion
  • You must avoid poor quality and cheap tattoo

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  • You must go to a professional tattoo maker for engraving your favorite tattoo on your body parts
  • Avoid using the harmful ink for the tattoo on your body parts. It may risk your body to akin cancer
  • You must select high quality and safe tattoo
  • Go for the sun tattoo design that is meaningful and has a significance

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Where to find unique sun Tattoo designs?

Internet is one of the best sources to find the original and unique sun tattoo design to be worn on different body parts. You can find millions of articles on internet. Some of the advantages of searching these sun tattoo design from internet are:

  • It saves your lot of time to search for the best design that is unique and different. You can search the designs that are in trend. You need not to go anywhere in search of tattoo designs as you can search them on internet
  • It saves your lot of money
  • You get the feasibility to check for different sub tattoo designs at your own place
  • You can check the designs by downloading and zooming them
  • You can even find the contacts of some professional tattoo artists from the internet

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