30 Amazing White Tattoo Designs


Modern men and women have developed a knack towards getting their bodies inked with a wide variety of tattoos. Traditionally only celebrities relished carving amazing tattoos on their skin and flaunted it in all shows and functions. Nowadays tattoos have become a common vogue and hence fashionable youngsters get themselves inked with sensational and unique tattoos. The colors and strokes of tattoos are vibrant and they are carved with beautiful styles and designs which captivates everyone. However white tattoos are an extremely distinguished form of tattoo that has recently flared up in the trend. There are different white tattoo designs that people ink on their arms, shoulders, hands, legs and neck to flaunt its uniqueness and charm. It is truly spectacular and enthralling with the mysterious white color.

30 Amazing White Tattoo Designs


Beauty and charm of White Tattoos

White tattoo designs and patterns mainly bring about an elegant and a modish touch on the skin. They are designed in a unique and distinguished style and hence outstands the other forms of tattoos. Here are some significant types and designs of white tattoos and the way in which they stand different from the rest. It embellishes your skin with a different panache. 1 2 3 4

Unique and Mysterious Designs

People get inked with different radiant and fancy tattoos that are adorned with multiple colors and shades. White tattoos generally sounds mysterious with its fade and fragile ink. The uniqueness of white tattoos lies in its mysterious white color which makes it noticeable in a different way and style. 5 6 7

  • White tattoos are usually small and have simple designs. They occupy a small place on your body and add grace to it with the elegant white color.
  • People choose white tattoos when they do not want to ink their body parts with robust colors and yet relish the beauty of a tattoo. The mysterious presence of white tattoos on body makes it less noticeable but with a deeper charm.

Choice of an amazing white tattoo Design

White tattoos are incredible owing to its light color and simplicity. A thick quality ink can make the tattoos prominent and successful. White tattoos mixed with bright colors do not make a good pick. If you have opted for a white tattoo you must consider these significant points.

  • White tattoos look amazing on whitish and dark skin as it becomes clearly visible. It gives a spectacular display of the simple design that looks pretty ravishing.
  • People with fair and olive skin do not quite enjoy white inks as it merges with their complexion to some extent. In that case it appears like a scar and hence white tattoos are not a preferable choice.
  • The white color has no outline and it may fade or blur with time. Hence it is best to keep small and simple designs that do not get much exposed to sun.

Beauty and bane of White Tattoo Ink

White Tattoos are very different from the conventional and traditional tattoos. Their ink differs and is composed of different chemicals. The beauty lies in its appearance which can also be given a glossy touch such that it glitters.

  • White tattoos look amazing when they are done but it must be kept away from sun exposure as the color may alter from white to gray.
  • It is an incredible option who has a penchant for tattoos but scared to flaunt in social groups. This popular technique enables you to relish the beauty of tattoo in an unnoticeable way according to your wish.

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The right Design and place

If you have decided on white tattoos then you must consider inking it on the right place. White tattoos appear graceful and amazing only if they have the proper design and size on the desired skin tone. 12 13 14 15

  • A white tattoo on a wrong place loses its magnificence and appears as a scar.
  • Get it designed with the proper ink and make it look cool and trendy.

Fading of white tattoos

White Ink tattoos are truly amazing and gorgeous with its mono color ink but it disappears with time.

  • The white ink must be kept away from sun exposure to retain the tattoo for long.
  • You can also get a retouch on your white tattoo and rejuvenate its beauty from time to time.

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White Ink tattoos on hands and legs

White ink tattoos on hands and shoulders are a bit painful but the results are notable. It looks sensational with its small designs and reflects the traits of a person.

  • A person with white tattoo on hand and shoulder does not believing in much flaunting of it and cherishes the uniqueness and simplicity on a smaller part of the skin.
  • Sometimes people get their complete hands and legs inked with hand tattoos which looks quite captivating but increases the difficulty in retaining the color by keeping it away from sun exposure.

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