30 Awesome Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls



Tattoo designing had emerged as one of the most popular art form from ancient era to the contemporary world.  The girls are attracted towards these tattoos more as compared to the boys. Most of the girls commonly choose the butterfly Tattoo designs as a symbol of style. They generally opt of butterfly tattoos on neck, thighs, shoulders, lower back, wrist, or even on feet. The generally have number of butterfly Tattoo designs to choose from. These designs are generally the symbol of femininity and are modified with the use of modern art.

Butterfly Tattoo design is one of the most common Tattoo designs that can be found engraved on different body parts.

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Meaning of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The butterfly is always the symbol of rebirth and life, which is characterized by beautiful wings and fragile nature. Butterflies are the loveliest creatures that are seen nature sitting on flowers and spreading blossoms. They add beauty to summer and spring season. Most of the people believe that the butterflies are the images that had given rise to few myths related to magic. It is believed that the wings of butterfly are associated with magic. But the modern day people had taken the butterfly tattoo design as trend and most of the girls go for it.

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How to choose perfect Butterfly Tattoo design?

There are various butterfly tattoo designs for the girls with the Tattoo Artists. These tattoo designs are available in different sizes and shapes. You should always give the thought to a temporary tattoo design before opting for the permanent one. If you opt for the temporary tattoo design then you can even change the design with trends as the temporary tattoo fades off with time. Here are some great ways to choose the best tattoo designs for girls:

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  • Go with the best: Choosing the best design and sexy butterfly tattoo is one of the better options. Girls always want a good tattoo to be engraved on their body. So, if you choose permanent butterfly tattoo then you must choose some evergreen design. Also, it is recommended to choose a tattoo design that is visible on your skin.

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  • Choose tattoo with contrasting colors: A tattoo having contrasting color must be your first choice. Butterfly generally has the contrasting colors, so you must choose tattoo with contrast so that it appears stunning. It will improve your sex appeal and make you look really hot.

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  • Butterfly Tattoo with Name: These tattoos had grown popular recently. It might have your own name or the name of that someone special in your life, who you love the most. The name is engraved with the tattoo in such a way that it looks like a part of the butterfly design. You can write your own name or even write the name of that special person.

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Things to keep in mind before Tattooing Body parts

Certain things must be kept in mind before and after getting the tattoo engraved on your body. So, follow these tips carefully.

  • Thinks twice before engraving the permanent body tattoo on your body parts. Opting for a temporary tattoo designs is really a great option because it provides you with the flexibility to change the tattoo design frequently.
  • The tattoos must not depict any sexual harassment or vulgarity. It might create embarrassing situation for castes.

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  • Always go for the professional tattoo artist for applying the tattoo design on your body. The artists you choose be experienced enough in engraving tattoos on other’s body.
  • Avoid the poor quality tattoos.
  • You should choose trending and quality tattoo designs.

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  • Tattoos you choose should be clearly visible to others and should have some meaning.
  • Select the tattoo that is appealing and sexy.

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Why to choose the professional to engrave Butterfly Tattoo Design?

Not only for butterfly tattoo design, choosing the professional tattoo artists for engraving the tattoo on your body parts is very important for a safe side. A professional tattoo artist knows all the requirements and good procedure to engrave the tattoo on different parts of your body. He/she can also advice you that at which part you should go to engrave the tattoo and hat is in latest trends. Some of the benefits associated with professional tattoo artists are as follows:

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  • They help you to choose from the latest tattoo designs that they have in their collection.
  • They will guide you in the procedure of choosing the tattoo.
  • They will look after each and every precaution that needs to be taken before and after engraving the butterfly tattoo.
  • They are experienced people and know well that how to use the needle in safe way so that it pains less and the butterfly tattoo design is engraved properly.


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