30 Awesome Neck Tattoo Designs


In today’s world you must have noticed that people want to have Tattoos these days. While in the past you must have seen people like sailors, biker gangs, pirates or outlaws who had tattoos as body decoration to show more style and scare people. But nowadays tattoos styles and shapes have come a long way. It is no longer about crude and scary pictures like skulls and anchors. Tattoos are developed more sophisticatedly these days and are considered to be an artistic work. People want to have different tattoos on their various body parts not only to show off but also to express themselves in a personal way.
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Having tattoos is not really a daredevil job, it is more of a personal choice but it is definitely looks attractive to have one. People love having tattoos on various parts of body and neck tattoos are pretty much trendy these days. But it does depend upon an individual if you want to hide it or show it off. Neck area is considered to be one of the most daring places to have tattoo, given the amount of pain it takes to have it. Getting a neck tattoo can be dangerous at times as your neck consists of delicate and sensitive parts. If an artery is hit, it can lead to bleeding, so you need to get it done from a professional Tattoo artist. Although there are some location types where you can have a neck Tattoo

Location types for neck tattoos

Front of neck: This is less popular portion of neck and not possible to cover up when required.

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Side of neck: Usually back of ears are considered to be good location for tattoo designs with symbols like stars, hearts, zodiac.

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Back of neck: It is considered to be most popular location for tattoo design specially for women as they look very sexy and attractive. For women attractive designs may be of flowers, butterflies or textual patterns and for men it can be design of tribal, sun, animal and crosses.

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Designs and Types of Neck Tattoos

Neck Tattoos have become quite a popular rage among both types of gender. Although they could be painful in nature but are considered to be sexy and appealing for both men and women. Some of its most popular designs for neck tattoos could include Celtic, Aztec and tribal symbols. A number of sections of people find tattoo symbols like feathers, gears, and spearheads quite popular. There could be other types of Design like following.

Religious Designs: These types of tattoos are not only popular but are often used by people who not only believe in religious practices but also want to look cool. These types of designs look faintly punkish but also look attractive and delightful. Another popular design is Jesus on the cross which looks a good religious symbol and often worn by men on neck usually.

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Non-Religious Designs: These designs may include Barcode, Skulls, Twirling snakes, Roses, Fire, tribal, hearts or Zodiac signs. Not many people choose to use neck tattoos so you need to choose your design more carefully.

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Expensive or Cheap

Having good tattoos can be an expensive affair for some people but it could be nothing worse to have a blotched up tattoo. The general advice would be to get it done from a professional tattoo artist from a renowned tattoo parlor and pay extra amount to be sure about its quality to last lifetime.

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Tattoo Care

It is also important to take care of your new neck tattoo until it is fully healed. If you visit a tattoo shop, the professional artist will give you set of instructions to follow and also will give you ointment to use after some hours. You need to remember to consult your doctor if something irritates you on your skin area near the neck and check for any bruise or skin irritations on your tattoo area. Make sure that your tattoo area is bandaged for first 24 hours which helps you heal the skin area. If you keep feeling itching and scarab the area, it will develop more scratches so try to use any antiseptic or antibiotic scream and pat it dry. You need to keep applying ointments if you feel scratchy until it is fully healed. Another important precaution is to keep your tattoo away from direct sunlight. Even if you have healed the tattoo completely, you need to keep it away from sunlight to avoid fading it, so use sunscreen on tattoo while going outside.

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Choosing a Tattoo is always a difficult job and more difficult would be where to apply it. So it is important to choose the design and location on neck more carefully. Neck Tattoos are not only popular but also delicate place to apply a tattoo. So you have to take care of your tattoo before applying it. So have one neck tattoo today and start showing off.

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