30 Best Chest Tattoos For Men


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Both men and women like to get tattoos on the chest area though it is men who do it predominantly.  When you come across chest tattoos you will see that there are many designs, styles and symbols used for this area. The chest tattoo also has many advantages. Let us take a look about some interesting aspects of chest tattoos.






The thing about tattoos is that each area comes with its own set of pros and cons. It is just that for men the chest is not such a sensitive area while women find that the breast area makes the area available for a chest tattoo limited. While some women do go for a tattoo on the breast, this can be very painful. Men have the advantage in this area as the chest offers a bigger place for them to get their tattoos on when compared to women. What is more, chest tattoos are designed to go with the shoulder, neck and even the side of the torso.



Even considering that the chest is pretty sensitive in some areas and this can be a con, this area offers more pros than not. The best part of a chest tattoo is the choice to cover it or display it as desired or required. In case of men showing off a tattoo is just about taking their shirt off but with women that may not be the case always.




When it comes to advantages that a chest tattoos has for men is that this area does not age that much and even for women the upper portion of the chest is the same. This is not the case with tummy tattoo and also breast tattoos that some women may get. Women do age in that area and this does affect the look of the tattoo. All these points, enable men to get larger tattoos in the chest area than women can.

Most sought after chest tattoos: There is no dearth of choices when it comes tattoo designs that will work on the chest area. In fact the truth is you can almost get any tattoo done on the chest area. Due to the fact that women have breasts, men score better and bigger area for their chest tattoos when compared to women but this does not mean women cannot get a tattoo of a decent size on the chest.




Hearts: The heart tattoo is quite a hit with both the genders and considering the area of the tattoo it only seems apt. What is more, there are many variations like the heart that is bleeding or the heart that is pierced or the sacred heart or the heart that has been stitched together again. Based on the variation of the heart tattoo chosen the significance of the tattoo also varies.

The bleeding heart tattoo signifies the loss of a loved one due to many reasons. It is a homage to their memory and the love you feel for them

The sacred heart tattoo shows feelings like love, passion, desire and other things on the same line. It is also supposed to be a symbol of love that lasts forever. It could also represent your faith.




The stitched heart could mean a heart that has been hurt and managed to heal over time. It could mean finding love after having lost it. It could also means that you have reconciled to lost love.

The pierced heart tattoo also is similar to the bleeding heart, the difference being that the pierced heart is more about revenge than recovery. It is also supposed to mean death of one’s love or life to show that the heart can never be the same again.




Apart from the heart tattoo, there are many other popular chest tattoo designs like the pacific tattoos, the nautical star tattoos, the tribal tattoos or the spider web tattoo and these designs are very popular with men. Women like to go with rose, wing, fairy or bird tattoos. Many chest tattoo designs combine two or more elements to form an entirely new design as per the wearer’s preference.




There is no wrong or right when it comes to making your chest tattoo design choices. However the thing to remember is that it is important not to do things on an impulse as it means a waste of money, time and resources and reversing the tattoo is not an easy process at all.




It is better to do your thinking before getting the tattoo done than do the regretting later. As you know a tattoo will be with you forever and this means that you should think of it in terms of something that you will have to live with for a long time to come. Would you like something in your life that irks you? Most people would not like that and it can become an irritant so you need to spend time  on thinking about what tattoo you want to go with for a long time.

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