30 Sexy Leg Tattoo Designs for Women


In the era of urbanization where fad and life style walks hand in hand, different styles and trends for women have emerged. The notion of fashion and vogue are no longer confined to apparels and attires but it has dilated its meaning to different forms. Modern empowered women have ventured into tattooing that gives them a fashionable, sizzling appeal. These amazing sexy tattoos are painted on different parts of the body and it captivates millions with its unique style and sketch. The tattoos are mostly inked on legs to flaunt it magnificently and get spotted. The panache of the idea lies in its design inked on the alluring long and sexy legs that catches the eyes of the crowd.

Leg Tattoos

Designs and Types of Leg Tattoos

The fine arts and designs on tattoos with vibrant paints make an enchanting appeal. The tattoos not just focus on beautifying skin and enhance its charm but it is also used as a medium of expression. The Sexy Leg Tattoo Designs for Women reveal their taste and choice and gives a hint of their personality and traits. Modern women generally prefer sexy leg tattoos to symbolize a modish outlook and fashionable living. Some of these sexy leg tattoo designs for women and their significance are highlighted below:

Floral Designs

Women yearn to ink their sexy legs with sensational tattoos of floral designs. There is a wide range of floral designs that women prefer to paint on their gorgeous legs and boast it all around. Its highlights are as follows:

Leg Tattoos (9)

  • These designs are embellished with radiant and bright colors and its borders are sketched with utmost care
  • The floral designs have a wide variety and given ample options to choose from. Floral tattoos on sexy leg with sparkling colors make a spectacular display.

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Modern Designs

Modern designs of tattoos on legs signify different abstract objects we witness around. It could be textures or random patterns or even some strokes that makes a brilliant view.

  • Modern designs of tattoos on sexy legs can cover the entire leg from tip to toe and hence can be flaunted gracefully.
  • The designs invite ignited and creative ideas and differ from regular patterns and textures. Hence it adds to the ravishing beauty of sexy legs.

Symbolic Tattoos

Majority of the feminine crowd choose symbolic tattoos on legs. It indicates different associations or clubs they represent or even motives and cause they have dedicated their personal or professional life for.

  • Women sketch butterflies as it symbolizes transformations, grace and reflects thoughts of freedom and independence.
  • Cherry blossom tattoos are also used by women to ink on their beautiful legs to symbolize hope, beauty and fragility.

Popular Tattoos

There are some most popular and desirable tattoos inked on sexy legs of modern women that symbolize just their fashion sense and a knack towards it.

Leg Tattoos (1)  Leg Tattoos (3) Leg Tattoos (4)

  • The popular tattoos include designs of stars, sun, moon, ladybugs and feather tattoos.
  • Dragon is also a famous tattoo and inked by many women. However it is generally preferred by strong women who wish to symbolize courage and honor.

Leg Tattoos (5) Leg Tattoos (6) Leg Tattoos (7)
There are varieties of designs of leg tattoos and women keep an eye on the trendiest and stylish ones. They focus on the designs and textures to make their legs appear all sizzling and sexy. However there are some significant points associated with the tattoos on legs which must always be kept in mind.


Leg Tattoos (11) Leg Tattoos (12)
The climatic condition of the place plays a great role in deciding how long you can flaunt the sexy tattoos on your legs. The adversities of climate must be considered otherwise it will lead to tanning and itching of skin and diminish the beauty of the riveting sexy legs.
Leg Tattoos (13) Leg Tattoos (14) Leg Tattoos (15) Leg Tattoos (16)

  • If you dwell in a tropical region it gets easier to boast the stupendous tattoos on sexy legs.
  • Cold countries however do not offer much opportunity to flaunt tattoos. You should pick the right season and time of the day to showcase the tattoo designs on your legs.

Right Place

Women have a craze for tattoos and yearn to get it inked sooner. But getting tattoos inked from the right place is very important. Don’t rush to get inked from any random place on roads. Choose people who are expertise in it

Leg Tattoos (17) Leg Tattoos (18) Leg Tattoos (19) Leg Tattoos (20) Leg Tattoos (21)

  • Tattoos are inked with lasers or other equipment and hence you should choose the apt place to get it done from.
  • A wrong tattoo can’t cover up for anything and can never be fixed.


Tattoo designs on legs offer you the flexibility of flaunting it according to your will and wish. You can hide or showcase the designed tattoos depending upon where you get it inked like ankles or thighs or all over the leg.

Leg Tattoos (22) Leg Tattoos (23) Leg Tattoos (24)

  • You can choose to get your ankles inked as it offers the resilience of hiding or flaunting the unique and meaningful designs of tattoos and also garners a lot of whistles and compliments.

Leg Tattoos (25) Leg Tattoos (26) Leg Tattoos (27) Leg Tattoos (28) Leg Tattoos (29) Leg Tattoos (30) Leg Tattoos (31) Leg Tattoos (32) Leg Tattoos (33) Leg Tattoos (34) Leg Tattoos (35) Leg Tattoos (36) Leg Tattoos (37)