30 Sexy Lower Back Tattoos for Girls


Today it is all about style, and women adopt various methods to become stylish. One of the ways to adopt the modern world fashion and become stylish with a pinch of sexiness in it is to have tattoos on your body. Getting a tattoo is a kind of modification done to your body, when you get the ink inserted into the dermis layer of your body. There are various types of tattoos like amateur or professional tattoos, or tattoos for identification, medical or cosmetic tattoos. The lower back tattoos are one of the favourites of the girls and it undoubtedly speaks all about the femininity and sexuality in a women. It can be even considered as a factor of sex appeal in women.


Types of Tattoos

    • Temporary tattoo: It is a non permanent image on the skin, somewhat looking like the real tattoo. Like in Hindu traditions Mehndi is being used as a tattoo, which gets washed away eventually.


    • Permanent Tattoo: They are being engraved in your body by putting in colour inside the debris of your skin. It is hard to remove them from your body, but some of it can be removed with the help of laser treatments with the help of which it can be lightened. Even grafting techniques can be adopted for the removal of the tattoos, where in skin of your body part is being transferred over the skin where you have made the tattoos. While getting them engraved on lower back, it feels a real pain.

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  • The lower back is flat and spacious too, hence both large and small tattoo designs can be done there.
  • The tattoo can be even extended, and get it larger and larger, even the sides of your body can be included to make the tattoo more large.
  • The lower back area is more smooth than the other areas of the body i.e. ankle or leg or arm. Hence it is quiet easy to get a tattoo here in comparison to other places on your body.
  • The lower back can be shown or hidden anytime you want. Say if you want to show off your tattoo on the lower back, then all you have to do is pull up your shirt or wear a belly shirt.
  • At work place or at any other place, you may be judged by them negatively just because of your tattoo then the same can be hidden by wearing a full tucked in shirt.
  • The tattoo will remain with you throughout, hence even if you turn old or fat or the way your body changes yourself with time your tattoo will not change. Say if you grow fat, your lower back is the least affected part hence least affecting the tattoo on your body.


Benefits of getting a Lower Back Tattoo

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Here one can portray thousands of designs, in other words the choices in here are endless. There can be symbolic tattoos or tattoos conveying some kind of meaning, but be it of any design it will surely give you the glamorous look. Some of the popular lower back tattoo designs are listed below; 7 8 9

  • Butterfly design:  It is one of the most popular designs, it represents transmission and it almost talks about the positive change in your life. It also says about freedom and free spirit of women. Hence all in all it talks about women’s independence.
  • Flower Design: Variety of flowers can be drawn on your body; however most common of them are lotus or rose. It represents love and innocence.

Various designs are available in the market; you can get one of them inked on yourself. So what are you waiting for go and get yourself inked. 4 5 6

Health Risks Associated with Lower Back Tattoos

Following are the health risks which may affect your body after getting a tattoo;

  • The injection of the colour into your lower body may because you skin infection. However the same can be protected by using the precautionary measures, like sterilizing the machines before using it on different people, which may decrease the chances of infection to zero.
  • The colour may also cause severe allergy in your body. However, the tattoo inks are regarded as non reactive, but still they are being medically tested so that it does not causes allergy. Presence of nickel in the ink may cause this allergy. But when a blood vessel is being inserted in your lower back during the session, a bruise may occur on your body.
  • The tattooists should be well versed and trained of all the ill effects which can be caused to the lower body of the persons who are getting the tattoo done, hence in case of proper training them may look after all the aspects and may also train the individuals to how to take care of their tattoo and their body after getting it done.

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