Here are the answers to some of the FAQs asked about tattoos!


Here are the answers to some of the FAQs asked about tattoos!

Is getting a tattoo safe? The thing about tattoos is  that they are safe enough if you go the right artist who follows the right procedures for safety properly. This would require the tattoo artist to do on medical gloves. He or she should also have sterilization certification, vaccination against hepatitis, diseases that are communicable by blood and have autoclave. You also need to keep an eye on whether he uses a sterile needle fresh out of the packaging right in front of you.


How much will getting a tattoo hurt? The fact is getting a tattoo is a bit painful but the way you feel about it will depend on your pain bearing threshold. Some people take it in their stride and equate it with a scratch but others find it more difficult to take the pain and have to take breaks in between the sessions, requiring many sessions to complete the tattoo. It all depends on how much you are looking forward to the tattoo.


When I go to the studio for the tattoo, what should I expect? The first thing I should expect is that the artist or the person in charge should guide on the process of getting a tattoo. However, in case you are already in the know about the basics of tattooing, then the person in the tattoo studio will be discussing only the design aspects of the tattoo. You will naturally be asked to provide proof of age and asked to fill in all the documentation required for the tattoo. When making payment, do make it a point to get a receipt.  Then you will need to go into the preparation part of the tattoo before it actually begins. This will involving shaving, cleaning and prepping the area where the tattoo is to be done. Then the tattoo design will be laid out on the skin, then the outline would be made and then shading the tattoo to its completion and then the bandaging of the tattoo.  The tattoo artist will then tell you how to take care of the tattoo. Make sure that the aftercare instructions are clear and note them so that you can follow them at home.


Is it okay to have painkiller before the tattooing process? You will find that there are some products out there that people take but it is better not do that. Numbing creams will take half an hour to take effect and their numbing effect lasts for about half an hour and this means that you will start feeling the sting of the tattoo halfway through the process as tattooing can take a lot of time. Plus it also tends to make the skin a bit odd and tattoo artists find it hard to work with the skin in this state. Plus painkillers are also known to increase the bleeding which is not good.


What is the cost of getting a tattoo? The thing about tattoos is you get what you pay for,  so if you are serious about a good quality tattoo, then you have to be prepared to pay for it. You also have to remember that going to a bad quality artist, will also be putting your health at risk. For quality tattoo as well as your health and safety, be prepared to pay well.


Is tipping the tattoo artist acceptable? The artist who works on the tattoo, only gets part of the fees that you pay to the tattoo parlor, so it would be nice for them to get a tip. Having said that, there is no specific rule for tipping and it depends on how you feel and how satisfied you are with the work of the artist as well as the budget you have set aside. However much you tip them, do make it a point to thank them properly for the work they have done.


How about the kind of tattoo design that I should choose? This is entirely a matter of personal choice but do remember that a tattoo is permanent and you have to live with it for the rest of your life  Do consider it from all angles before getting it done.


Is it okay to get a tattoo when sick? It is not good to get a tattoo when you are not well.  Moreover, your immune system may not be up to the task of dealing with this and you would additionally be responsible for passing on your infections to others.


Where to look for tattoo designs? You can base your tattoo design on what other people are doing or look online for the designs you want. You can also talk to the tattoo artist about what you want and have one done for you specifically.


Which time of the year is best suited for getting a tattoo? There is no specific time that is suited for getting a tattoo but summer may be avoided as skin does get exposed to the sun, gets tanned, exposed to chlorine while swimming.  All this could affect the look and healing of the tattoo. Getting a tattoo in winter could be better, but one has to remember that winter is also fraught with illnesses. So the best time to get a tattoo is when you and your body is prepared for it.


Is it okay to shave over my fresh tattoo? The thing is the area being tattooed will be shaved before the process starts but the hair will grow back. And when this happens it is better not to shave as it could spoil the tattoos and inks. Using chemical hair removers is also not good. Do talk to the tattoo artist about this.


My pal is just starting on tattooing and wants to use me for practice, is it okay? Actually, it is better not to allow this as a tattoo is permanent and there are health issues too involved to it .