30 Best Tattoo Designs For Women


If you are a girl or woman looking for a tattoo, then you should know that this is something more and more women are into now. In fact with a big array of choices and many artists out there, it is not difficult for you to pick a design and get one. Your choice of artist will depend on the type of tattoo that you are looking to get. Today if you decide to go for a tattoo, you will find that there are tattoo parlors at every corner eager to offer you their services. However, when it comes to getting a tattoo, it is very important that you pick an artist who is known for quality work. The best way to find more about an artist is to do some research by looking at his or her portfolio and also checking online to see if there is any feedback out there. You will get an idea of what kind of work the artist in question is capable of doing.

30 Best Tattoo Designs For Women

Today the world of tattoo designs is so vast that certain artists specialize in particular types of tattoos. That means if the tattoo you are seeking to get is one that is really intricate and complicated, you may even have to travel a bit to get the artist who specializes in this type of work.

Another factor to be considered is the skin that you are allocating for the tattoo you are getting. This means a good look at the body part and how it flows. It is better to be realistic in terms of design as certain areas have their own limitations like you cannot get a huge tattoo at the back of your area due to obvious constraints.


The thing to remember is that good quality tattoos are not going to be cheap and you will get what you are ready to shell out for. You should know that a good tattoo is really worth that extra bit of money that you are going to shell out.


The rates a tattoo artist will charge will depend on the skill level they possess and the way they do their work


Here are some generally considered areas for tattoos along with their pros and cons:


Tattoo on ear lobe and behind the ear:  These tattoos could be rated in the middle range as far as pain is concerned. There is no extra flesh in this area causing the tight muscles on the neck to vibrate. Though the ears are mainly comprised of cartilages, the ear tattoo still ranks low in the pain level.




The skill level required for a tattoo in the ear area is pretty high and the tattoo artist will have to be technically inclined and will have to be good at designs with small details.


A word of caution: You have to know that the ear tattoo cannot be covered that easily. In addition, the outer lobes will be seen even if covered with hair. You can cover the tattoo behind the ear with collars or scarves. These tattoos are tiny but will be visible though you may forget they exist because you cannot see them in the mirror.


Tattoos on sleeves and arms: The outer portion of the arm is one of the areas in the body that is not sensitive making it a great location for getting a tattoo. Do remember that the inner parts of the arm can be very painful and you need to consider this. This is so because the inner parts of the arm are pretty fleshy and veins are closer to the surface of the skin. This means that the pars that are fleshy can become swollen and bruised.  Infection is also possible as this area is exposed to contamination as you go about your daily life.




There is no doubt that the arm is one of the areas that is most often tattooed on humans and the tattoo on this area can be seen by the person who gets it as well as the outside world. What is more this area is pretty flat and is a medium sized one making it suited for many types of designs. When a person gets tattoos on 80% of their arms, then this is called a sleeve.


Tattoos on the foot:  The tattoos that are done on the foot can be pretty high up in the scale, pain wise. The skin is stretched here on the bones of your foot and tendons. The lack of muscle and fleshy parts also adds to the pain factor. A tattoo on the heal may take a longer time and can be tedious when compared to tattoos on other body parts. What is more, the need to walk will also add to the slow healing of the foot tattoo.




Wearing footwear is yet another aspect that hinders the healing of a foot tattoo so do take care to find footwear that does not rub the area and irritate it. It would be best to go bare feet for as much time as possible. If you are going to wear footwear, then ballet slippers work best.



No matter what you decide as the final place and design for your tattoo, do consider this decision from all angles before going for it.













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