30 Best Tattoo Designs For Men


The power of a great tattoo is such that a simple guy starts feeling a super guy once the tattoo is done as men and tattoos tend to go hand in hand. It goes without saying, that there are only some differences when it comes tattoos for women and men.

man with tattoos

Men will need to think of their options for tattoos from a different point of view.  This is because optimum placement of a tattoo will add to his masculinity and wrong placement will do the opposite. Men do not really give that much thought while getting a tattoo as it is not part of their nature, but the fact is that  they ought to.
So it is important that even men consider the choice of not only the tattoo but also the artist they are getting fit from or else they could end up with body art that they hate in the future. Just think of the time, expense and pain of tattoo removal so that you are  forced to make an informed choice.


Here are some types of tattoos that are quite popular with men.





Popular brands


Religion and spirituality


Alpha animals and birds


In memoriam




Japanese motifs


And others

Some of the places that works well for a man’s first tattoo: You cannot simply put a tattoo somewhere at random and expect it to look good. You have to think the process through.

Job wise: You will need to think about how your tattoo will be viewed at work. You have to consider whether it will be possible to hide the tattoo while at work as you simply cannot defy policies and have it on display. So tattoos that can be seen on the top portion of the chest or near the neck or on the edge of the arms need to be thought through completely. If you feel that your career would be affected by the tattoo, then you are better off avoiding these areas. In any case only people into extreme tattooing go for tattoos on neck and face.



Do pick a body location that you can view or else you will find it really tough not being able to admire your tattoo. Plus do consider how the tattoo gels on the body. One of the better ways to pick out a tattoo is to use it to highlight what you think is the best feature on your body.

The arms, the back calves, the chest, the shoulder blades are among the areas that work for a tattoo



Some tattoos men should keep away from: No matter how masculine you are or how cool you are there are some motifs that do not work on men. Here are a few:


    • Floral tattoos (exception is the Japanese lotus)


    • The name of your partner


  • Penis tattoo


Some tattoos that men go for but are not acceptable: It is accepted that men get tattoos as a way of expressing themselves but even then some tattoos are simply wrong. Here are some of them:



    • Swastika stickers or any tattoos that are about racial discrimination.


    • Anti women tattoos


    • Facial Tattoos of all kinds


  • Tattoos that wound the sentiments of a group of people
  • Nude women who move their body parts when you flex your muscles or do other things.








man with tattoos









General errors that men are prone to when they get a tattoo: Though men can be amiable on the whole, they are not that easy to get. Here are some things that a man may get wrong:

  • Refraining from alcohol the night before getting a tattoo
  • Not restricting sitting time to 5 hours per sitting
  • Not caring about personal hygiene
  • Sleeping on dirty bedclothes
  • Not paying attention to after care of the tattoo.
  • Regrowing excess hair back after having been shaved

Tattoo care for a man: It is vital to take care of the new tattoo in the weeks that follow the tattooing process. Here are some pointers:

  • Keep away from excesses of any kind
  • Keep away from rough activities of all sorts like contact sports for a fortnight.
  • Keep to the proper after care instructions
  • Buy the right cream for after care
  • Do consider wrapping the tattoo if you think it can be damaged.

Do get a good quality tattoo care kit so that all the products required for taking care of the tattoo like exfoliating gel and antibacterial wash will be included among other things.

Aftercare of the tattoo: Once the tattoo is completed and you get back home, you will need to take good care of it otherwise you could end up damaging the tattoo. This could mean waste of money and time.


Some steps of basic tattoo care:


  • Wash the tattoo properly using antibacterial wash that is specially put together for tattoos.
  • Let it dry by air
  • Use that tattoo aftercare cream correctly
  • Take care to wash the tattoo about three to five times for three days after you get it
  • Apply cream as and when needed