25 Best Tattoo Shops & ARTISTS In The World


The are many tattoo studios in the world that want to claim the throne for the very best shop in the world. Today, just like tattoos, the tattoo shops have evolved quite a lot since their early years, when they were just small, simple spaces with only a wall full of flash to choose from. Now, a top tattoo shop is characterized by many criteria: it needs a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment, sterility, great artists, and a great reputation built over time, on efforts and performance. Sterilization, talented artists, and technical experience are the pillars that a worldwide famous tattoo shop is built upon.

Getting a tattoo is forever, so you need to make sure that you choose from the best artists out there, even though it will cost you more than going to a “scratcher.” Every high quality shop has artists who focus on or are best at certain styles. So depending on your preferences, choose a studio and an artist accordingly. Today there are many tattoo styles you can select from, like bio mechanical, tribal, black and gray, colored, etc. You can get a tattoo simply to enhance your body’s aesthetics or you can get one that holds a personal meaning for you.

In the top rated tattoo studios you can be sure you will find the best artists, the highest hygiene, comfort, and sterilization standards, and the best tattoo equipment. You should be having a good time and feel at ease with offering your skin to be inked forever. This will be an experience that you will always remember, especially when looking at your marked skin.

Whether you need to take a plane, or pay higher amounts of money, having the desired design inked properly by professional technicians and talented artists in a great environment, is worth the time and money investment.


The fame of a tattoo studio can also be increased by mass media like conventions, TV, magazine appearances, movie star clients, etc. A TV series or a magazine appearance can boost a shop’s ratings, notoriety, and public option. There are many locations on the globe that have great shops which feature great artists. The best tattoo shops are spread across the five continents. On our 25 best tattoo shops list, we have named studios from Europe, Asia, United States, New Zeeland, and more. For the broadest view of the top tattoo locations we included shops from all over the world, each having artists with unique styles and either a traditional or modern approach to this art form.

Besides their location, environment, sterilization, tattoo gear, and customer service, the greatest tattoo shops are made by strong crews of experienced artists, that have both solid technical background in tattooing, and are great artists who have created an individual style over a long period of time. This reputation builds slowly through constant work and learning. The best way to advertise in tattooing is on skin. When you do great artwork, it will speak for itself. Usually the owners of the shops are artists who organize, tattoo, and deal with the main business of their shop. For a successful shop he/she will form a team of two to six artists, each having a unique, individual style in the art of tattooing.

best tattoo shops

Here Are The 25 Best Tattoo Shops:

1) Last Rites

Last Rites was formed by the infamous Paul Booth, a tattoo legend, teamed with some of the most talented tattoo artists. Booth is renowned for his dark, surreal horror work. The studio offers a one of a kind experience that best reflects Paul’s style : grim atmosphere and morbid aesthetics are present in the interior design of the shop. The walls are decorated with various gory artworks under an atmospheric semi light. Paul Booth is one of the of the pioneers and innovators of the black and gray style.

2) Inkline Studio

Anil Gupta is one of the tattoo masters who has taken this art form to academic heights. A tattoo at Inkline will not be cheap, but you will leave the studio with a true masterpiece marked on your skin forever. Anil has very original ideas and will customize your tattoo for uniqueness. Consulting can cost several hundred dollars and a tattoo appointment can take even a year’s wait, so make sure you plan this ahead.

3) Three Kings Tattoo

Located in Greenpoint, New York, this studio can offer tattoos on the spot or with appointments. Comfortable space, an accommodating team, and cleanliness characterize this shop. It has 21 artists on its resident team, plus guest artists. The costs are not cheap, but are fair for what you get.

4) Smith Street Tattoo Parlor

Specialized on the American traditional style, this shop is located on Smith Street, in Brooklyn, NY, and features some of the best artists from this business, including Dan Santoro, Steve Boltz, Eli Quinters, and Bert Krak. This shop is thought to be the best worldwide, in many people’s opinion and experience. You can walk in and wait for a tattoo or book an appointment in advance. You should know that if your tattoo idea is considered bad, they will tell you so and help you improve it, so you can leave with the best version of your idea.

5) East River Tattoo

This shop has several women artists, so it might be easier to get a tattoo here if you’re the same gender and shy about getting a tattoo. The tattooists there are very sociable and friendly and will chat with you even if you don’t want an appointment or a on the spot piece. Appointments might take several weeks, especially if you opt for masters of the needle like Rachel or Liam, but your wait will be worth it, and you will leave marked with a masterpiece.

6) Celebrity Ink Tattoo Phuket

Celebrity Ink Tattoo is located on the island of Phuket, Thailand, this studio is run by Australian’s with a team of 31 Thai tattoo artists. The shop is modern and has the highest degree of cleanliness standards. You have to sanitize your hands and remove your shoes before entering. They use single use disposable equipment along with ink imported from the U.S.A,  Celebrity Ink Phuket is considered to have some of the highest quality work throughout the world. You can find all the details on their official website.

7) Kings Avenue Tattoo

Located in Long Island Manhattan, this shop has highest standards for cleanliness, professionalism, and a crew full of great tattooers like Kat Von D and Juan Puente.

8) Daredevil Tattoo

This team is formed of eight professional artists, which includes the owners Brad Fink and Michelle Myles. The members are specialized in multiple styles, like traditional American, black and gray and Japanese – It’s highly likely to find your artists and your desired style in this versatile shop. If you want an appointment with one of the co-owners you will need to plan ahead and make an appointment a few weeks in advance.

9) Tattoo Temple from Hong Kong, China

The Tattoo Temple was established in 2006 by Joey Pang, a world famed tattoo master and philosopher. She is the pioneer of an original brush stroke technique. By using this brush-stroke, she creates flowing calligraphy and vivid mythology-based tattoos. Besides tattooing, Joey also creates furniture, interior design, and other types of Asian art. Wang, Jamie, and Joey form the team from the Tattoo Temple, with Pang being one of the most sought after artists worldwide.

10) Tin Tin Tatouages, Paris, France

Tin Tin is renowned in Europe for tattooing the most media visible celebrities. He taught himself tattooing during his military years in Berlin, and then started to travel the world and learned from the best in the business, and developed his own style, which can be described as outstanding photographic illustrative. He is acknowledged for lifting the art of tattoo to higher levels. Many artists nowadays feel privileged to study under Tin Tin in Paris.

11) Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum (Yoshihito Nakano):

Another renowned worldwide shop, HTM is owned by Hiroshi III, or Nakankano, who became famous for his body suits. He uses traditional techniques for shading and colour. He is a traditional Japanese artist, who apprenticed with another master of the Japanese style before becoming himself a master. “Hori” is a title received from his master and means “to engrave.” His body suits consist of Japanese motifs like dragons, tigers, koi fish, etc. A full body suit can take years and cost thousands of dollars upon completion. The next successor will be called Horiyoshi IV, after completing his apprenticeship.

12) The Leu Family’s Family Iron, Ste. Croix, Switzerland

Filip Leu and his parents and siblings are a family of bohemian artists who have traveled the world and settled in Switzerland to establish Family Iron. In addition to spectacular works of tattoo art, Filip is a gifted painter with acrylic and canvas as well. Filip Leu co-founded the Art Fusion Experience with fellow tattoo artist, Paul Booth, creating collaborative tattooing and painting events. Leu is known for his powerful Japanese body suits and beautifully macabre back pieces.

13) Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn, New York, United States

If you want the amazing Scott Campbell to be your artist, you will have to get on a long waiting list, but you will be waiting with celebrities like Robert Downy, Jr., Sting, and Orlando Bloom. This artist used to be a biochemist, but gave it up to become one of the most admired tattoo artists in the world. He is famous for his highly intricate black and gray work, done with fine lines. Additionally, he has made a name for himself as a sculptor. You can also get work from Stephanie Tames, Seth Wood, Zach Scheinbaum, Thomas Hooper, and Cris Clean.

14) Hyperspace Studios

Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman have been a creative team since 1993 when they started sharing studio space in Chicago. They went on to form Hyperspace Studios in 1997, primarily as an online business to showcase their artwork and connect with a larger community.

They chose the name Hyperspace Studios as it represented a new dimension of creative interaction and they felt it fit with the intent behind their art, because of the new technologies being used to push past some of the traditional boundaries of what is possible. This included new ways of working much more closely with a non local clientele and of collaborating extensively with artists from all over the world in projects such as Scratch Art, Innerstate, and the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia, where virtually all of the art was created in an online environment.

15) Six Feet Under

Located in California, a short drive from Hollywood, the shop is formed from artists Corey Miller, Henry Powell, Neil Wilson, Obid Compran, and Kevin Childs. Corey Miller has a worldwide reputation that has been built with the help of several tattoo series that have achieved mainstream audience. He is known as one of the ink veterans from the USA. The artists there master a variety of styles, so there’s plenty of versatility to choose from.

16) High Voltage Tattoo

When you say High Voltage Tattoo, one instantly thinks of Kat Von D, another ink pioneer who has achieved massive fame through TV appearances. The shop is located in West Hollywood, California. They accept walk ins and appointments, and are open till ten o’clock. Thanks to her popularity, it might even take several months for an appointment.

17) Victor Portugal Tattoo Studio

Victor Portugal is a master of the dark, surreal, and bio mechanic styles. He has his own line of needles, tattoo machines, and inks. His skin-work is usually black and gray with some accents of colors. His shading style, aesthetics, and textures are recognizable worldwide. He travels the world and attends conventions everywhere.

18) New York Adorned

Being one of the most popular shops in the city, NYA has a crew of experienced artists that have been practicing this art form for a long time. You can get traditional pieces, customized ink, or septum piercings. You can walk in or make appointments, but since they are pretty busy be ready to wait a while.

19) Dots To Lines, Berlin, Germany

A different approach to tattooing, Dots To Lines uses the body for geometrical shaped tattoos and influenced by mathematics. Flowing lines and pointillism is the name of the game, with the use of just black ink.

20) Monkey Fist Tattoo, Denver, Colorado

Featuring a team composed of member artists who tattoo various styles like Asian, black and gray, new school, traditional, and custom work. There have been many NFL stars who got tattooed in this studio. Walk ins and appointments are available. They have recently expanded their team by adding EvilDave, renown for his dark art style that has been perfected for more than 20 years.

21) Night Gallery, Detroit

Bob Tyrrell is specialized in fine gray wash portraits, being one of the best in the world in this niche. His studio is Night Gallery, which is located in Detroit. Expect the most accurate and expressive portraits with the finest shading.

22) All Or Nothing

Brandon Bond is the leader of All Or Nothing. He is renowned for his color work and shocking personality. Located in Georgia Smyrna, his prices are high, but so are his artwork standards.

23) Love Hate Social Club, Miami Beach, Florida

A team of seven international artists led by Ami James, the owner. Ami is another tattoo artist who gained the rank of celebrity after appearing in several televised series about this art form. Contact through phone, or visit the website for an appointment. Walk ins are also available. As you might imagine, Ami’s list has the longest wait time.

24) Shanghai Tattoo, China

Their crew of three artists includes a woman tattooist. Portraits, color work, and animals feature in their portfolio. You can get a quote online for the inkwork, so you can prepare for an estimated amount. Their website offers a newsletter.

25) Into You, London

Open for 20 years, specializing in custom work and large tribal designs. The shop is in a very old, traditional architectural building. The crew has six artists. Appointments are by phone or e mail.


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