Cool Ideas for Making a Butterfly Tattoo Feel More like Your Own


There is something very personal about a tattoo. The image you choose, the message it sends, the part of your body you want to have it done on, the colors you want it done in etc. Even so, there still are ways in which you can make your tattoo even more special, not just because it is your own, but by the choices to make about it.

Here are some great tips for turning the butterfly tattoo into something unique and even spectacular:

1.    3D ART on your skin


Having a tattoo drawn on your skin is great, but the new rave in the industry is to get it done with a 3D effect. The image of a butterfly as if photographed and imprinted on your shoulder, for example, is nice, but making it look like it just sat down to rest or like it is getting ready to fly away is a cool eye-catching twist.

This requires a great deal of skill from the artist who will have to use shades and lining to make the drawing pop. What is more, any 2D tattoo drawn well enough by a good artist can be turned into a 3D one.

2.    Unique colors

If you believe you have a signature color, this is the time to use it. Also, do not be afraid to use the color combinations you find appealing. The best thing about real butterflies is that they come in a large variety of amazing colors and it would be a shame if yours did not shine.

3.    All Black

There is something truly intriguing about things of contrast, such as a black butterfly when compared to a colorful one. Black is mysterious, elegant, sliming, not to mention sexy and alluring. It can be either discreet or highly elaborate, depending on what you want from it.

If you are looking for a tattoo with great details, black is exactly the way to go. The artist can focus more on the design rather than on the color palette. Apart from that, a deep black hue is brilliant!

4.    Vintage Butterfly Tattoo Design

This type of romantic design can take you to the beginnings of the body art industry with the advantages of today’s techniques and artistry. Instead of choosing from a variety of new models, you can spice up older models. You can have a romantic butterfly tattoo, a timeless classic. The possibilities are endless!


butterfly tattoo finger Butterfly_Tattoo_by_rock_kittie Butterfly-Tattoo-Designs-2013 Butterfly-Tattoo-Designs-2013-For-Girls Butterfly-Tattoo-Designs-2013-For-Girls-007 3d-butterfly-tattoo-on-neck-back-for-girls 3d-Butterfly-Tattoos-on-Chest 5fb3dda03bda33b71734567b9991d74b 14-butterfly_tattoo_finished600_683 b5ea1c8f2f26ebac77b863f48a308935 butterfly tattoo 4

5.    Wings on the shoulder blades

Make a bold statement and get your own butterfly wings tattooed on your shoulder blades! There is nothing more delicate than butterfly wings and there are countless ways in which you can make yours speak about your personality.

You can choose the colors and the shape and you could even choose a bigger model so as to really get the idea across. A big butterfly pattern can sometimes ruin the idea of something delicate, whereas the wings alone can be as big as you want. You can even go for a mesmerizing effect by using the right colors.


6.    Personalized butterfly tattoo

You can really own your butterfly tattoo if you turn something dear to you into a butterfly. Some people use tattoos as statements or as reminders of the people in their lives. You can turn a loved one into a butterfly or you can put butterfly wings on their names. You can do the same thing with your signature or with a word with special meaning to you.

Your butterfly tattoo can have the style you want it to have. You can have a Celtic butterfly, a stylish and glamorous butterfly or you can give it a bit of an edge with some sci-fi effects.

cherry-blossom-butterflies-tattoo e21f4e8cdadbb693be6423716d1fb7d9 foot-butterfly-tattoo-designs handy-butterfly-tattoo-for-female Japanese-Butterfly-Tattoo large-butterfly-tattoos real-butterfly-tattoo-on-back-shoulder -tattoo-designs-7-back-shoulder-left-butterfly-tattoos butterfly-tattoos-colour butterfly-tattoos-on-collarbone-for-girls Celtic-Butterfly-Tattoos

7.    Gothic butterfly tattoo

This enigmatic and daring trend has been a source of inspiration for many people. The Gothic tattoo is an institution in itself for two reasons: it already is a style and it is the signature of any person embracing the trend. You can get one regardless of whether or not you want to go full black in other aspects of your life.

These models are usually more macabre, of Celtic inspiration and mainly (but not limited to) black. You can find some pretty interesting models in this area.

8.    The split butterfly tattoo

Another twist you can put on the butterfly tattoo is the split. You can get a wing done on one arm or on one hand and the other wing on the other arm or hand, and you can get the full butterfly when both hands come together. You can do this with your feet and your legs too.

And if you really want to make it special, get your significant other or a very close friend or a sibling to get the other wing of your tattoo. This would be a great way of showing your love for one another.

A butterfly tattoo must not necessarily be something common, something you are afraid to get because everybody else is getting and it has lost its appeal. If your heart is set on the versatile butterfly, you can still make it personal by adding more of you to the design. Do not be afraid to explore your wishes and to express yourself with the help of this wonderful tattoo pattern.