Meow! : 25 Amazing Cat Tattoos


Animals are a popular option in tattoos. From the meek little mouse to the ferocious lion, there are several different animals that scream tattoo me! But, among the most popular of animals that are chosen to be forever immortalized on the skin is the feline. Cat tattoos range in their intricacy and in their depiction. While some cat tattoos focus on the domesticated animal, others are as wild as the animals that they depict. With so many different options in how, why, and who these body art images depict, it is no wonder that cat tattoos continue to remain a popular choice for individuals and body art around the world.

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The Prowl

Nothing says sexiness and mystery like a cat on the prowl. The feline, creeping around a beautiful layer of grass or peering from the tops of a rock bed, can be something majestic in real life. It can be equally as seductive on the body as well. This prowling motion in art is one of the most popular of cat tattoos that people choose. It is aggressive and yet sexy with a silent beauty that is almost lifted from the skin and evokes an emotion without saying a word. The most popular prowling cat tattoos often include large beasts of prey from jungles and deserts. A sleek female lioness or a rolling black panther are some of the most popular choices. Though, in truth, there are many large and small felines to choose from.

The Swipe

Some cat tattoos opt for an action shot in their display on the body. The animal is pawing, clawing, or swiping in a way that opens the tattoo up to an almost 3-D like place. There are beautiful lines and scratches that can be seen and the claws are of utmost importance. A quality tattoo artist will take the idea of the action and then translate it in such a way that it makes it feel almost real and as if the animal may just leap from the skin and dance across the body in a predatory dance. The swipe can be used on the skin of both men and women and creates an aggressive animal that is unique and beautiful all at the same time.

The Face

While the aforementioned cat tattoos are all about the beast itself and the movements for which it is known, other tattoos are much more simple than that. Cat tattoos may not focus on the body of the animal at all but look deep into the eyes or face of the beasts. These cat tattoos that focus only on the face can be large or small. They may be present on an expanse of skin or on the tiny areas, though they tend to be in a greater surface area space in order to be more intricate and involved. The cat face is often head on, looking into the viewer with piercing yellows and whites used in the coloring of the eyes. Other times, though, the design is a profile shot in which the animal is looking away or off into the distance. This choice varies based upon what the client wants as well as what the ultimate goal and location of these cat tattoos are.

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The aforementioned discussion focused on beasts of prey and the wild animals in the cat family of creations. But, not all individuals go this route when choosing a cat tattoo. The animal or the creature may be much more personal than that. They may be chosen because of the personal relationship that the client has with the animal. Pets and other domesticated felines are often the subject of realistic portraits of cats that are tattooed onto the body. They may be small or large, but usually are drawn from an image provided to the artist. These tend to be realistic and they can be placed on areas of important significance to the individual getting tattooed. Emotional and raw, these are often selected as options for those that want to memorialize their cat forever on the skin and forever in the heart.

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But, again, not all cat tattoos are based in a foundation of realism. There are those option in tattoos that are part whimsy, fantasy, or fun as well. Cartoon characters and felines from iconic television and movie roles are popular choices for cat tattoos as well. They are funny and unique, often brightly colored and can be a great addition to anyone’s body art choices.