35 Well Renowned Tattoos on Celebrities


Celebrities are no different from any of us. They are human. They have needs. They have wants. At least once, they must have made some mistakes that we all do such as locking the key in the car. Since we know that celebrities are prone to making errors, we also know that one of those mistakes could be getting a tattoo done that they regretted.

Tattoo nightmares are inevitable since at times some people, including celebrities are not initially sure of what they want to put on their bodies. Celebrities have the financial resources to undo an dreadful decision made to get a specific tattoo done. There are some tattoos that are not easy to remove or cover up either; no matter what technique is used.

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Celebrity Tattoos

Mike Tyson shocked the country when he got a tribal tattoo put on his face – over his eyes. It looked ominous and downright scary. At the time in his life, Mike Tyson seemed to have been at a shaky milestone in his life. His career was going nowhere and he probably could not handle the stress. His inability to make wise decisions was limited and so he chose to have a tattoo done on his face. Gucci Mane got an ice cream cone tatted on his face with the phrase, “BRRRRR” placed under it. Never get a face tattoo; no matter if you are man or woman. You will regret it later.

Chris Brown became a recluse after law enforcement placed him under arrest for physically abusing his then girlfriend Rihanna. He got a tattoo done that showed a woman who resembled Rihanna with an injured face. Chris Brown, some people thought, was an insensitive and callous jerk.  It seemed as if he got frustrated with people thinking he was a jerk. The tattoo allowed him to make a statement and play the part. However, it showed no remorse and appears to have memorialized the alleged crime.

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UC Fighter Jim Belcher has a tattoo on his side that many consider to be Johnny Cash. However, the tattoo was done so badly that it cannot be proven. Some think that the tattoo is one that represents Kim Jong III. Some think it may be Otho in Beetlejuice or Elvis sitting on a toilet. Or it could indeed be Johnny Cash after four of his wisdom teeth were removed and he is still high on the anesthesia.

Hayden Panettiere of the well-known show, ‘Heroes,’ made the ultimate mistake that many people do. She got a phrase in a different language tatted on her body. The phrase is Vivere senza rimpiantii, which is Italian translated ‘live without regrets.’ Parts of the tattoo were even spelled wrong. ‘Rimpiantii’ should have been ‘rimpianti.” It has one too many ‘I’s.’

hayden-panettiere-tattoo-totally-misspelled-60351 haydenpanettieremispelledtattoo
Kesha, a professional party promoter joined the trend of having a tattoo on her inner bottom lip. At the time, the phrase, “Suck it,” was a phenomenon and many people envy Kesha for being so bold. In fact, this is a tasteful and dignified way to boast your tattoo. No one sees it unless you want them to.
orig-20973561 kesha-lip-tattooIn the TV reality show Jackass, Steve-O and his buddy Alum thought it funny to goof off when one of them got a tattoo inked on his back. It was just a reality show, but the funny part is when he realized that though he didn’t like it, the tattoo would be there forever.
steve_o_002 steve-o-tattoo-of-himselfTom Arnold was so enamored by his wife; now ex-wife Roseanne Barr and he wanted to make sure that she knew of his love. So what did he do? He got a tattoo of Roseanne placed on his body. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved later on.

When you decide to put a tattoo on your body, think first and remember that this is a lifetime thing in most cases. Be cautious and think about it long and hard; celebrity or not.