100 Imaginative Tattoo Sets for Couples and Individuals


This article compiles 100 photos of tattoo sets including couples and individuals. These sets include two complimentary tattoos that complete images or quotes when combined. Throughout the article you will learn the subtleties that contribute to the concept of execution of tattoo sets and how you can decide upon the perfect tattoo set for your next piece. If you like or dislike anything that is pictured or said in this article, voice your opinion in the comments section, otherwise enjoy!

Robots in Love
matching tattoo ideas (1)

An adorable pair of complimentary robots adorns the wrists of this couple. The woman’s wrist sports a robot with a trapezoidal torso reminiscent of a dress while the man’s wrist shows a robot wearing a spiffy bow-tie and offering a rose to the girl robot. These tattoos make a complimentary set but also work as stand alone tattoos which keeps the pieces from looking out of place when the couple isn’t together.

Linear Designs on the Ring Finger

matching tattoo ideas (79)

This couple has a pair of matching tattoos just below the fingernails on their ring fingers. The designs are simple sets of lines with a pair of wavy lines at the base of the tattoo.


matching tattoo ideas (81)

The underside of the woman’s hand has the letters LV, while the underside of the man’s hand has the letters OE. When the couple is together, and preferably holding hands, it is evident that the tattoos are a set that spells the word love. However, when the couple isn’t together, or holding hands, the tattoos look like a a random pairing of letters.

Crudely Drawn Shopaholics

matching tattoo ideas (80)

A matching set of crudely drawn girls holding designer handbags and speaking through cups connected by a string are pictured on the feet of two women in this tattoo. This piece simultaneously glorifies consumerism and bad artwork, which is a feat typically reserved for shitty art galleries.

Complimentary Big Cats

matching tattoo ideas (2)

While this obviously isn’t a couples tattoo, it is a complimentary set of tattoos. Traditional styling is used to depict a tiger on the back of one calf, while a panther is depicted on the other calf, both cats are placed in opposing positions to create a sense of uniformity.

Fire and Water Wolves

matching tattoo ideas (3)

Two wolves are depicted using basic styling and opposing colors (blue and red) in this tattoo set.


matching tattoo ideas (3)

 A simple, yet creative, concept shows the line from a heart monitor extending along one wearer’s wrist and onto the wrist of another wearer.


matching tattoo ideas (4)

These tattoos aren’t a set as much as a replication. The word forever is shown on the bottom right of the wearers’ backs followed by the “…” punctuation that implies a continuance of the concept.

Stylized Hummingbirds

matching tattoo ideas (5)

Ornate patterns are used to compose a pair of hummingbirds in this almost matching set of tattoos.

Pair of Semi-Colons

matching tattoo ideas (6)

Semi-colons are pictured on the wearers’ left wrists in this tattoo set. The female’s semi-colon is topped with a heart while the male has a traditional semi-colon instead.

You and Me, Forever

matching tattoo ideas (7)

A matching set of tattoos depicted on the wearer’s wrists show an infinity sign with the words “you” and “me” worked into the design.

Watercolor Koi Fish

matching tattoo ideas (8)

While I don’t think these designs constitute a set, a black koi fish and orange koi fish are pictured on the wearer’s instep in these tattoos.

Hexagonal Patterns

matching tattoo ideas (9)

Once again, this isn’t necessarily a set of tattoos, but rather a pair of similar tattoos. The pieces are composed of repeating hexagonal patterns with one tattoo leaving the shapes blank on the inside and one tattoo filling in the negative space.

Elaborate Patterns

matching tattoo ideas (10)

Another pair of tattoos that don’t constitute a “set.” The wearers’ forearms are covered in an ornate repeating pattern using black ink.

King and Queen of Hearts

matching tattoo ideas (11)

This couple decided upon a straightforward, but powerful, concept utilizing the symbols for the King and Queen heart suited cards. The tattoos are positioned on the underside of the wearers’ wrist so the pieces are clearly visible when the couple is holding hands. Subtle details in conceptualization can make a simple tattoo exceptional.

Lock and Key

matching tattoo ideas (12)

An ornate lock and key are illustrated using black and gray ink in this tattoo set.


matching tattoo ideas (13)

A pair of simple but distinctly different arrows adorn the wearers’ index fingers in this tattoo set.

Love Her, Respect Him

matching tattoo ideas (14)

“Love Her,” is tattooed in script font on the man’s wrist and the same font is used to spell out “Respect Him,” on the woman’s wrist. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these tattoos, the chosen wording implies that love and respect are mutually exclusive, which is the recipe for a doomed relationship.

Bow and Arrow

matching tattoo ideas (15)

A bow and arrow are pictured on the wearer’s index fingers in this simple, black tattoo.

Paisley Yin-Yang

matching tattoo ideas (16)

A Yin-yang is shown on the wearers’ wrists in this tattoo set. Elements of paisley designs are used to embellish the halves of the yin-yang and add complexity to the pieces. While the tattoo seems to make sense because the two halves can only exist alongside each other, the yin represents positive energy and the yang represents negative energy, so this tattoo resigns exclusively negative energy to one of the wearers.


matching tattoo ideas (17)

A whirlpool sucks a series of abstract shapes into the vortex in this dark, black tattoo.

They Love Each Other

matching tattoo ideas (18)

“i love her,” and “i love him,” are pictured on the wearers’ wrists in thin, black, cursive lettering.

Forearm Flowers

matching tattoo ideas (19)

These tattoos share nothing more than a subject, while I can’t argue that these forearm pieces constitute  a set they obviously both picture flowers.


matching tattoo ideas (20)

These forearm pieces are quite possibly the least original concepts in this article. A triangle outline is pictured on one wearer’s forearm, while a blacked out triangle is pictured on the other wearer’s forearm.

Primary Color Circles

matching tattoo ideas (21)

While the tattoo on the woman’s forearm makes sense, three circles represent the primary colors and the overlapping portions create secondary colors, the tattoo on the man’s forearm seems less sensible. Why did he replace the yellow circle with a green one? Keep an eye an on your tattoo artist while they work because their mistakes are permanent.

Hearts and Initials

matching tattoo ideas (22)

Hearts and initials are pictured on the wearers’ wrists in this couples tattoo.

King and Queen of Hearts

matching tattoo ideas (23)

A variation of the tattoo we saw earlier, this tattoo uses the king and queen of hearts symbols on the wearers’ middle fingers instead of their wrists.

Winged Heart

matching tattoo ideas (24)

When the couple places their hands next to each other they create a winged heart that expresses their love. However, when the couple doesn’t have their hands placed next to each other, they have a one-winged amorphous blob tattooed on their hand, which doesn’t make for a very attractive tattoo.

His and Hers Anchors

matching tattoo ideas (25)Traditionally styled anchors are pictured on the wearers’ wrists in this couples tattoo. While the designs are generic, I do appreciate the artist’s humorous attempt at feminizing an anchor by adding a bow, I’m sure they worked tirelessly to conceptualize such a creative twist on the image.

Poorly Drawn Wings

matching tattoo ideas (26)

Unoriginal quotes and wings that look like they were drawn by an anime artist during a fever dream make these forearm tattoos unbearably ugly.

Obese Bird Silhouettes

matching tattoo ideas (27)

This tattoo set shows the infinity sign with a portion of the symbol replaced with the word “sisters”. The silhouettes of three morbidly obese fowl accent the design and do a great job of distracting from the shaky line work.

Very Slick…

matching tattoo ideas (28)

This couple sports a pair of forearm tattoos, the husband shows off his black tattoo commemorating the date of his marriage (a slick way to remember your anniversary!) while the wife shows off a red pair of profile silhouettes.

Meaningless Without the other Tattoo!

matching tattoo ideas (29)

If you are going to get a corresponding set of tattoos, make sure that it works as a standalone piece because unless you are Siamese twins, you will not be around the other person all the time. In this case the tattoo on the left admits that the wearer is an awful sister while the tattoo on the right is absolute nonsense.

“You Are My Strength”

matching tattoo ideas (30)

“You Are My Strength” is spelled out in a stylized black font on the wearer’s wrists in this tattoo.

“And We Learn As We Age”

matching tattoo ideas (31)

Two almost identical tattoos picture a pocket watch and a compass surrounded by flowers and embellished with banners reading, “And We learn As We Age”.

Compass and Anchor

matching tattoo ideas (32)

Black ink is used to compose a shakily inked compass and a much tighter compass in this tattoo set.

Yin-Yang Feathers

matching tattoo ideas (33)

A spin on the traditional Yin-Yang is shown in this tattoo by replacing the the shapes with feathers.

Wish Bones

matching tattoo ideas (34)

Black and gray wishbones are shown on the back of the wearer’s calves in this tattoo set.

Watercolor Hearts

matching tattoo ideas (35)

Vivid imitation watercolors are used to embellish simple black hearts in this imaginative set of tattoos.

Infinity Symbol and Heart

matching tattoo ideas (36)

Basic designs depicting an infinity sign and a heart are created using black ink on the wearer’s wrists.

Elaborate Sun and Crescent Moon

matching tattoo ideas (37)

This beautiful tattoo set shows faces on a sun and crescent moon using black and gray ink. An adept use of shading offers a sense of complexity to the pieces and the beads are a nice embellishment on the designs.


matching tattoo ideas (38)

Shout out to Mario! Mushrooms from the legendary Super Mario franchise are depicted on the wearer’s wrists, with the green (additional life) and red (additional health) mushrooms both represented.

Tattooed Wedding Rings

matching tattoo ideas (39)

Wedding bands are tattooed on this couples’ ring fingers using a thin black line to outline gradient shading that lessens toward the middle of the design.

Black Scallops

matching tattoo ideas (40)

Black scallops are pictured in opposite directions on the wearer’s wrists in this uninspired tattoo set.

Lotus Flowers

matching tattoo ideas (41)

A top down view of lotus flowers with differing centerpieces compose this tattoo set pictured on the wearers’ forearms.

2 Halves of a Heart

matching tattoo ideas (42)

A half of a heart is inked onto the wearers’ middle fingers and form a full heart when their fingers are intertwined.

Love Birds

matching tattoo ideas (43)

A pair of incredibly adorable, cartoon-style birds are depicted on a swing and surrounded by hearts on the wearer’s wrists.

Derpy Lotus Flowers

matching tattoo ideas (44)

The flower on the right looks like it grew beside a nuclear reactor. It looks like a lotus with down syndrome. It looks like it lost a brutal bar fight. The lotus on the right is botany’s greatest mistake. The lotus on the right has been offered the leading role in the floral adaptation of “Elephant Man.” In short, it’s a shit tattoo.

Infinity Signs

matching tattoo ideas (45)

Another example of infinity signs, this time the symbols are tattooed on the wearers’ middle fingers.

Wedding Bands

matching tattoo ideas (46)

Black wedding bands are tattooed on this couples’ ring fingers.

King and Queen Crowns

matching tattoo ideas (47)

Black outlines are used to create and crowns on the wearers’ hands in this tattoo set.

Map and Ornate Compass

matching tattoo ideas (48)

A highly detailed compass is composed using black, gray, and white ink, while a map of the world is created using black outlines.

Mickey and Minnie

matching tattoo ideas (49)

Outlines representative of the most popular mouse couple in history, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, are shown on the back of this couple’s calves.

Birds on a Branch

matching tattoo ideas (50)

Two yellow and blue birds are shown perched on a branch. One bird appears to be landing appears to be landing on the tree limb while the other is resting comfortably. This piece is a great example of a realistic depiction of wildlife and makes good use of color choice and distribution.

Dandy Skulls

matching tattoo ideas (51)

This couple decided upon a pair of elaborately dressed skulls for their matching forearm tattoos. Black, gray, and red is used to compose the pieces and while the skull on the man’s arm has inexplicably sprouted facial hair.


matching tattoo ideas (52)

These loosely related tattoos depict arrows on the wearers’ forearms. The tattoo on the left portrays a realistic interpretation of an arrow while the tattoo on the right uses tribal styling to create an image reminiscent of an arrow.

Longitude and Latitude Coordinates 

matching tattoo ideas (53)

Latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates are shown on the wearers’ hips in black ink.

Pinkie Promise

matching tattoo ideas (54)

These baffling tattoos show a pair of hands making a pinkie promise in front of what I assume is the sun. The hands have an elaborate pair of cuffs for no discernible reason. While the concept is odd the execution isn’t awful, although the color distribution throughout the sun looks a bit uneven and the tattoo on the right has some shaky line work toward the bottom of the sun.

Childish Drawings

matching tattoo ideas (55)

This unnervingly childish pair of tattoos shows a poorly drawn man with a heart on his chest depicted in black, red, and blue ink.

The Fox and The Wolf

matching tattoo ideas (56)

A wolf head and fox head are superimposed over diamond shapes in these black and gray forearm tattoos.

Talking Through Tin Cans

matching tattoo ideas (57)

An intriguing concept portrays a pair of children in antiquated clothing and opposing colors speaking through a pair of tin cans connected with a string. While I like the idea and the placement of the tattoo, the colors are oddly distributed and create a sense of patchiness throughout the piece.

Kitty Cats

matching tattoo ideas (58)

A pair of Persian cats are portrayed in black and white on opposing sides of the wearer’s wrists. The pieces are remarkably life like and fit the area well.

Swirled Heart

matching tattoo ideas (59)

Hearts are embellished with scrolls and small touches of color in this simple set of tattoos.

Envelopes with Watercolor Seals

matching tattoo ideas (60)

Basic outlines of an envelope are enlivened by the addition of blots of vivid imitation watercolors.

Crescent Moon and Anchor

matching tattoo ideas (61)

Small, black designs worn on the heel portray a crescent moon and an anchor. Considering the placement, small, simple pieces work best so they don’t overrun the space and run onto the leg or foot.


matching tattoo ideas (62)

This inventive piece shows a simplified depiction of a man waving through the back of a portal (colored blue) while the complimentary tattoo shows the front of the portal (colored orange) and the man inside.

Follow Me, I’ll Follow You

matching tattoo ideas (63)

The quote, “Follow me, I’ll follow you,” is written using a cursive font in a half circle on the wearers’ forearms. The circles surround a half of a heart so when the wearers place their forearms next to each other the circle and heart are completed.

Encircled Winds

matching tattoo ideas (64)

Circles with the top half filled with a traditional depiction of blowing winds are portrayed in the middle of the wearers’ backs.



matching tattoo ideas (65)

Another example of arrows tattooed on the wearers’ fingers.

The Twins are Anchored Down

matching tattoo ideas (66)

I’ve read that twins have a preternatural ability to understand each other’s thoughts, apparently, that concept extends to awful tattoo ideas. An anchor replaces the letter “t” in the word twin and the wearers have branded themselves “Twin 1” and “Twin 2” respectively.

More Twins Staying Anchored Down

matching tattoo ideas (67)

This tattoo is exponentially more creative, and appealing, than the last pair of twin tattoos utilizing anchors. In these pieces we see a heart and a cross incorporated into an anchor, while the time of day the twins were born are written underneath.


matching tattoo ideas (68)

Black and gray illustrations of the moon are located on the wearers’ forearms in this tattoo.

To Infinity and Beyond

matching tattoo ideas (69)

An infinity sign has the words “to infinity” worked into the design in the top tattoo while the bottom tattoo has the words “and beyond”. Given how often we’ve seen this quote throughout this article I think it’s safe to say Buzz Lightyear is the millenial generation’s most quoted philosopher.

Cat High Five

matching tattoo ideas (70)

A pair of cartoon cats are tattooed on the wearers’ hands underneath the thumb. The cats have their paws extended for a high five and when the wearers high five so do the felines.

Buzz Lightyear Strikes Again

matching tattoo ideas (71)

“To infinity” is tattooed on the ribs of the wearer on the let while “and beyond” is tattooed on the ribs of the wearer on the right.

Half a Mandala

matching tattoo ideas (72)

Half of a black and gray mandala is pictured on the wearers’ feet and complete the mandala when placed next to each other.

Pinkie Lightsabers

matching tattoo ideas (73)

Star Wars! Red and green lightsabers are tattooed on the wearers’ pinkies in this simultaneously cool and nerdy tattoo.

August 4th 2012

matching tattoo ideas (74)

Roman numerals represent the couples wedding date in these black wrist tattoos.

Black Leg Bands

matching tattoo ideas (75)

Black leg bands wrap around the wearers’ calves in this incredibly simple tattoo set.

Rocket Ship and Planet

matching tattoo ideas (76)

A planet surrounded by a ring is represented on the wearer’s right ring finger while a rocket ship is represented on the wearer’s left ring finger.

“Her Daughter, Her Mother”

matching tattoo ideas (77)

A stylized font spells out “Her Daughter” and “Her Mother” respectively on the outside of the wearers’ right foot.

Infinity Intertwined with a Heart

matching tattoo ideas (78)

Bold, Black lines are used to create an intertwining infinity symbol and heart on the wearers’ hips.

Lock and Key

matching tattoo ideas (82)

An ornate lock and key are represented on the wearers’ hips. The word “eternity” is represented on a banner attached to the lock.

“Siempre Contigo”


matching tattoo ideas (83)

The phrase “Siempre Contigo” is represented on the wearers’ fingers. The phrase translates to “Always with you,” in English.


matching tattoo ideas (84)

“Trust” is tattooed in a cursive font on the wearers’ ring fingers.

Tribal Inspired

matching tattoo ideas (85)

While I can confidently say this tattoo is tribal inspired, it is most certainly not a traditional tattoo, these pieces use a series of triangles, an asymmetrical zig-zag band, and black dots to create a unique aesthetic.


matching tattoo ideas (86)

“Wild” is written in cursive font underneath the wearers’ triceps.

Mickey and Minnie Share a Kiss

matching tattoo ideas (87)

Adorable versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse are pictured on the wearer’s hands and the cartoons appear to kiss when the wearer’s hands are clasped.

Ring Finger Anchors

matching tattoo ideas (88)

Anchors are portrayed in black ink on the wearers’ ring fingers.

Oddly Proportioned Wings

matching tattoo ideas (89)

An oddly proportioned wing adorns the forearm of each wearer and creates a pair of wings when the couple holds hands.

Night and Day Yin-Yang

matching tattoo ideas (90)

A yin-yang is halved and represented near the bottom of the wearers’ feet. The white half is embellished with sun rays while the black half is surrounded by stars.


matching tattoo ideas (91)

If you actually took the time to notice the tattoos, which is difficult given the…distractions in the photo, you’ll see a pair of bows inked beneath the wearers’ buttocks. One pair is embellished with a skull in the middle and line descending from the mouth of the skull down the wearer’s leg while the other pair is a traditional pair of bows.

Ampersand Arrow

matching tattoo ideas (92)

An arrow is bent into the shape of an ampersand (&) and sits between the letters “R” and “K”.

Disney Logo

matching tattoo ideas (93)

The Disney symbol is depicted in black ink on the outside of the wearers’ feet in this nostalgic tattoo set.

Mickey and Minnie Outlines

matching tattoo ideas (94)

Another example of Mickey and Minnie Mouse head outlines.

G.T. Tombstone 

matching tattoo ideas (95)

Weathered gravestones read “G.T” and are surrounded by tufts of grass in these small, black tattoos.

Origami Swans

matching tattoo ideas (96)

A blue origami swan and a red origami swan are represented on the wearers’ biceps above their elbows.

Geometric Swans 

matching tattoo ideas (97)

Black and gray swans are created using geometric shapes in this imaginative tattoo set.


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