100 Incredible Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas


For millennia the eagle has represented empires as a symbol of formidability, prowess, and cunning. Popular in continental European heraldry we see the eagle represented on countless national flags and coats of arms. Regarded as the “King of the Sky” (in contrast to the lion’s title of “King of the Jungle”) the eagle is the kind of awe inspiring animal that has fascinated the human imagination since the dawn of time. As early as 540 BC Cyrus the Great was using the eagle as the symbol on his battle standard. The Ptolemaic rulers of ancient Egypt used the eagle as the seal of their empire. Albania translates to “Land of the Eagles” and Albanian translates simply to eagle. The ancient Romans saw the eagle as a companion animal to Jupiter, the Greek god Zeus was said to shape shift into an eagle, and the Germanic god Odin is often depicted with an eagle perched upon his shoulder. In this article we have compiled one hundred photos of impeccably well done eagle (and a few other birds) tattoos. The images below can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo or can simply expose you to some phenomenal artwork depicting the world’s most fabled avian.

Abstract Silhouette

eagle tattoo designs (1)In this image we see the silhouette of an eagle with its wings spread in flight. The wings have a geometric shape that is reminiscent of a wrought iron fence or Gothic architecture. As the wings extend the piece becomes more abstract, leading to the tattered coloration near the tips of the wings.

Thunderbird Tribal

eagle tattoo designs (3)

This is a very traditional depiction of a Thunderbird. A bird of Native American folklore that is said to be a servant to the Great Spirit, responsible for rain fall, and capable of taking human form. Native Americans have described the creature as powerful, intelligent, and wrathful. This tattoo depicts the bird in a stunning black and gray motif where the pronounced black lines are broken up by overlapping line and geometric patterns.

Taking Flight

 eagle tattoo designs (4)

This back piece depicting a bird taking flight is an example of incredible shading throughout the predominantly darkly colored bird. The contrasting colors throughout the tattoo give the piece depth and accentuates the bird’s features.


 eagle tattoo designs (5)

A beautiful abstract depiction of the wings of a bird leading into a tree trunk. The absence of color is what draws your eyes to the silhouette and leads them to the tree that crawls up the nape of her neck.

Mini Thunderbird

eagle tattoo designs (6)

A very traditional depiction of a southwestern Thunderbird. The appeal of this piece is its location, the Thunderbird was said to create thunder with a flap of its wings, making the hands an ideal location for a Thunderbird tattoo.


eagle tattoo designs (7)

The cage creates the background, the geometric pattern the middle ground, and the eagle is placed in the foreground making it the focal point of this tattoo.

Abstract Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (8)

A very simple black profile of an eagle’s head that leads into an abstract series of lines reminiscent of paint running.

Flying Profile with Native American Influences

eagle tattoo designs (9)

The title says it all. This is a very simple, yet elegant, side profile of a flying eagle with an ode to Native American art style throughout the body of the bird.

Classic Sailor Style Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (10)

This image is a representation of traditional western tattooing, specifically naval tattoos. The eagle wraps his talons around a skull and is embellished with the American flag and the slogan “Freedom is Not Free”.

 Hidden Thunderbird

eagle tattoo designs (11)

This tattoo emphasizes placement. Especially advantageous for people with long hair, a tattoo behind the ear can be easily concealed.


eagle tattoo designs (12)

A mirrored image of a stalking bird on each shoulder creates symmetry in the piece.

Time Flies

eagle tattoo designs (13)

A set of detailed eagle’s wings attached to what I presume is a hour glass. Take note of the line work throughout the wings.

Sketch Book Crow

eagle tattoo designs (14)

A crow depicted in a style that simulates a pencil sketch, an example of superb shading.

Eagle with White Ink

eagle tattoo designs (15)

Depending on the skin tone of the person being tattooed, white ink can be used to accent a black and grey tattoo so the colors don’t merge into an unidentifiable grey blob.

Stunning Use of Patterns

eagle tattoo designs (16)

This is a great example of patterns used throughout the eagle drawing your eye systematically through the entire tattoo. The profile prominently displays one of the eagle’s most recognizable characteristics, its powerful hooked beak. A remarkable example of simple and efficient tattooing.

 Tribal Silhouette

eagle tattoo designs (17)

A wonderful example of tribal style tattooing. A series of shapes creates an outline and the mind completes the image.

Realistic Forearm Wing

eagle tattoo designs (18)

A realistic depiction of an eagle’s wing extends the length of their forearm. Notice the subtle shading that imitates the small hairs that comprise every feather.

Thunderbird Band

eagle tattoo designs (19)A solid black depiction of the Thunderbird symbol. Where this tattoo differs from the other representations of Thunderbirds in the list is the placement. The wings of the bird wrap around her forearm creating a banded effect.

The Art of Layering

eagle tattoo designs (20)A clock superimposed over a pyramid creates the foreground of this tattoo while the background shows the silhouette of a flock of birds fleeing the pyramid. Notice how the birds ascend up his arm and not simply away from the tattoo.

Double Headed Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (21)

The double headed eagle is a prevalent symbol in heraldry, the two heads are said to represent the North and South or the East and West. Here we see the double headed eagle accented with an eye in the center and a geometric shape above.

Traditional Eagle Outline

eagle tattoo designs (21.1)

Eagles and roses have been popular images for American Navy Sailors for decades. Here we see the eagle as the centerpiece with complimentary roses scattered throughout the piece. It should be noted that this is an outline without shading or coloring.

Bird on a Wire

eagle tattoo designs (22)While the top of the tattoo seems relatively simple, the true beauty is in the ink blot at the base of the pole. We see the ink running down the man’s forearm and text written on the lines. A nice twist on an otherwise basic tattoo.

Celtic Crow

eagle tattoo designs (23)Within the shape of the bird is a series of patterns and shapes prevalent in Celtic symbolism. The white shapes really pop against the black background.

Solemnly Flying

eagle tattoo designs (24)A realistic image of a bird taking flight while its head hangs low. This tattoo conveys a feeling of solemness as the bird’s head faces the ground and not the viewer.


eagle tattoo designs (25) A small series of tattoos showing a bird in various stages of flight is a simple, elegant example of silhouette tattoos. Her skin tone creates an ideal contrast for the rich blackness of the tattoo.

Surrealism in Flight

eagle tattoo designs (26)The beauty of this tattoo is in the color palette. The selected colors create a sense of surrealism in otherwise life-like portraits.

The Strength of Eagle’s Wings

eagle tattoo designs (27)In Albanian mythology the founder of Albania was promised the “Power of eagle’s wings” for returning an eaglet to its mother. This tattoo is a symbolic representation of that concept.

Faux Coat of Arms

eagle tattoo designs (28)A palette of black, grey, red, and white creates contrast in this self-styled coat of arms.

Eagle vs. Sparrow

eagle tattoo designs (29)An explosion of color and traditional tattoo symbolism composes this tattoo. The eagle and rose are pitted against the sparrow and lotus, while a sword pierces a heart as the centerpiece.

Ink Blot Silhouettes

eagle tattoo designs (30)A series of abstract silhouettes depicting birds with noticeably jagged wings leading to an ink blot near this woman’s wrist creates a very unique image.

Philadelphia Eagles Throwback

eagle tattoo designs (31)As a native Pennsylvanian I immediately recognize this tattoo as the old logo for the Philadelphia Eagles football team. The absence of shading and color creates a very pronounced image.

Leaves of Wheat

eagle tattoo designs (32)A stylized top view of a bird flying with a few stalks of wheat sprouting from the left wing speaks to the personality of the wearer.

Patriotism Realized

eagle tattoo designs (33)A hyper-patriotic eagle clad in the stars and stripes of the US flag, the ink splatter frames the image nicely and draws the eye to the center of the piece.

Birds in Conflict

eagle tattoo designs (35)Two birds clash for ownership over the geometric shape reminiscent of a double helix on the wearer’s chest.

Native American Style Top View

eagle tattoo designs (36)A top view with hints of Native American styling. While the tattoo may appear dark now as time passes the ink will lighten and emphasize the shading.

Less is More

eagle tattoo designs (37)A pronounced outline of a Thunderbird compliments her forearm perfectly.

Screaming Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (38)The eagle is represented in an aggressive posture with a craned neck and outstretched talons. Invoking the idea that the predatory bird is about to swoop down on some prey while unleashing a screech.

Dream Catcher, Caught

eagle tattoo designs (39)The winds push through the wings of the bird as it carries a dream catcher. The dream catcher is a Native American invention said to filter out negative dreams and allow only positive thoughts to enter the sleeping mind.

Ominous and Abstract

eagle tattoo designs (40)The limited color palette of red and black creates an ominousness in this ink splatter eagle.

Ink Splatter Robin

eagle tattoo designs (41)The ink splatter adds character to an otherwise simple picture of a robin, while the choice of colors in this piece create an heir of femininity.

Top View Silhouette

eagle tattoo designs (42)A simple top view, black silhouette.

The Totem

eagle tattoo designs (43)Here we see elements of an eagle represented on a totem. Notice the face in the middle of the piece as well as the face at the top of the tattoo with the hooked beak of an eagle protruding from one side. Totems are spiritual objects or sacred beings in Native American culture. They represent the lineage or mythic past of a clan or tribe.


eagle tattoo designs (44)Here we see a typical portrait of a bird, however as your eyes travel downward you can see the bird is being deconstructed into a series of digitized cubes.

Dark Sketch

eagle tattoo designs (45)The style of this tattoo beckons a pencil sketch, with the darkest part in the center and gradually lightening at the edges.

Eagle vs. Snake

eagle tattoo designs (46)A traditional portrayal of an eagle at odds with a snake. Two opposing animals one considered a symbol of honor, the other a symbol of underhandedness.

Colorful Amalgamation

eagle tattoo designs (47)An abstract and colorful interpretation of an eagle.

Location is Everything

eagle tattoo designs (48)While the representation of the bird is relatively generic the appeal of this tattoo is in its placement. The bird is predominantly pictured on his rib cage but the wings ascend up the wearer’s back and accentuating the lines of his body.

Native Inspired Profile Revisited

eagle tattoo designs (49)A different angle of a tattoo we saw earlier makes the Native American stylistic influences more evident.

Beautiful Tribal Back Piece

eagle tattoo designs (50)This is a beautiful example of a tribal top view of a bird in flight. The subtle details of the patterns make this tattoo an exceptional example of the style.

Time Flies: The Sequel

eagle tattoo designs (51)A remarkable use of color is the perfect compliment to the imagery of this tattoo picturing a hour glass with wings.


eagle tattoo designs (52)The details of this subtle portrait create a sense of depth and life.

Tribal Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (53)A basic, but well done tribal tattoo. Sharp line work is essential to a good tribal tattoo.

Overlapping Tribal

eagle tattoo designs (54)A tribal inspired illustration of a bird with overlapping lines that keep the tattoo from appearing mundane.

Sailor Style

eagle tattoo designs (55)A well done ode to the portrayal of eagles so popular with American Navy Sailors. Notice the subtle yellow colors used in the beak, wings, and talons.

Tribal Profile

eagle tattoo designs (56)A simple tribal style profile of a bird’s head is complimented with superior shading. Take note of the gleam in the bird’s eye.

Tribal Bottom View

eagle tattoo designs (57)Once again, line work is the secret to a beautiful tribal tat.

Traditional Tribal Colors

eagle tattoo designs (58)A tribal style illustration of an eagle using traditional southwestern tribal colors. The birds head is enveloped in a larger image that frames the bird.

Omnipotent Owl

eagle tattoo designs (60)A hyper-realistic portrayal of an owl swooping down on prey. This is a phenomenal example of the artistic talent that exists in the tattoo world.

Heraldry Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (61)A simple, black illustration of an eagle. Very reminiscent of eagles used in continental European heraldry.

Egyptian Human/Animal Hybrid

eagle tattoo designs (62)As mentioned earlier, birds were a prevalent symbol in ancient Egypt. This tattoo portrays Egyptian royalty with wings of a bird.

Heraldry Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (63)An eagle as portrayed on the German coat of arms.

Time Flies III

eagle tattoo designs (64)This tattoo differs from the other examples by fully realizing the birds instead of placing wings directly onto the hourglass.

Don’t, Just Don’t

eagle tattoo designs (65)I suggest you avoid an eagle tattoo like this one. It’s asymmetrical and the failed attempt at illustrating wings looks more like a hair comb.

Doc Forbes

eagle tattoo designs (66)Doc Forbes is a legendary tattoo artist from Vancouver, Canada. Here he poses with a sailor he tattooed with a craned neck eagle.

Stylized Heraldry

eagle tattoo designs (67)While the eagle is in the typical heraldry position it is highly detailed and stylized. The shading and patterns add an intriguing element that draws the eye.

Attacking Eagle Outline

eagle tattoo designs (68)A simply well drawn portrayal of an eagle swooping down on prey. Solid black lines detail the piece and manage the negative space.

Eagle vs. Snake: The Rematch

eagle tattoo designs (69)A traditionally styled illustration of an eagle defeating a snake, a symbol of honor overpowering deceit.

An Eagle in Full Color

eagle tattoo designs (70)A realistically colorized image of an eagle in an unconventional but interesting location on the wearer’s neck. When she has her hair down the wings will peak out, hinting at her hidden artwork.

Full Lower Back Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (71)A stylized portrait of an eagle that covers the wearer’s entire lower back. The wing descends onto her thigh and the rest of the piece wraps around her body.

Eagle Perched on Skull

eagle tattoo designs (72)A visibly irritated eagle perches atop a bull skull. The four arrows protruding from the skull represent the North, South, East, and West.

Traditional Eagle Stomach Piece

eagle tattoo designs (73)Traditional coloring and style superimposed over a red sun in the background. The lack of ink around the edges of the feathers creates separation throughout the wings and gives the tattoo character.

Profile Portrait

eagle tattoo designs (74)A simple profile portrait of an eagle. The bird has a subtle smirk on its face and the dotted line leads to the four arrows once again representing the North, South, East, and West.

Upper Thigh Eagleeagle tattoo designs (75)A well done illustration of an eagle swooping down on prey. The wings of the bird wrap around her thigh and follow the lines of her body as they lead toward her lower stomach and buttocks.

Nature Scene in a Maple Leaf

eagle tattoo designs (76)Using an earthy color palette of yellows, reds, and browns this tattoo depicts an eagle swooping down on a rabbit while the maple leaf frames the scene. My only qualm with this tattoo is the fact that when the wearer’s arms are hanging down by his side the tattoo will be upside down.

Traditional Patriotism

eagle tattoo designs (77)While the focal point of the tattoo is the traditionally colored and styled eagle the tattoos additional symbols are relevant to its meaning. The shield (not surprisingly) represents protection while the wreath in the eagle’s claw represents peace.

Vibrant Chest Piece

eagle tattoo designs (78)

The vivid color palette of this tattoo creates an undeniably attention grabbing piece.

Realistic Portrait

eagle tattoo designs (79)The subtle details on the head of the eagle are the distinguishing features in this realistic portrait.

Non-Traditional Traditional

eagle tattoo designs (80)While the style of the eagle is consistent with traditional tattoos, the lack of color creates a unique distinction from the other traditional eagles on the list.

Highly Stylized Chest Piece

eagle tattoo designs (81)A full chest piece depicting an eagle with spread wings is nothing original. However, the distinguishing factor of this tattoo is the patterns in the body of the eagle. In the center we see a shape similar to an Indian mandala.

Eagle Consuming Snakes

eagle tattoo designs (82)A hyper-realistic portrayal of an eagle biting down on a pair of snakes. The sophisticated use of shading creates the realism that makes this tattoo astounding.

Modern Style, Traditional Images

eagle tattoo designs (83)

While the images in this tattoo are typically associated with the traditional style, in this piece we see a modern flare on traditional subjects. The tattoo does a great job of exhibiting a level of detail not typically represented in traditional ink.

Traditional Eagle, Non-Traditional Placement

eagle tattoo designs (84)The colors, style, and background are indicative of traditional tattoos. However, the neck placement adds a certain character to this piece that separates it from a similar image on a more traditional body part.

The Cleavage Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (85)Once again, the emphasis on this tattoo is on its placement. While the image portrays a rather typical eagle, the placement has the talons leading into, and drawing the eye to, the girl’s cleavage.

Traditional Eagle Stomach Piece

eagle tattoo designs (86)A traditional illustration of an eagle is the focal point of her tattoo collection. Notice the head of the eagle stops directly above her belly button to create a sense of symmetry.

Abstract Water Colors

eagle tattoo designs (87)This piece uses a limited color palette. The blue and red are used to accent the black ink and are distributed in a way that simulates watercolor paint.

Eagle and Mountain

eagle tattoo designs (88)This surrealist piece merges mountaintops into the head of an eagle. The careful detail creates a sense of unity and separation as the transition from mountains to eagle are seamless but easily distinguishable.

Ink Splatter in Flight

eagle tattoo designs (89)A beautiful example of using the ink splatter style to create a detailed image. The rich black contrasts with the wearer’s skin tone while the grays soften the image and its stark contrast.

A Mix of Styles

eagle tattoo designs (90)This tattoo exhibits influences from traditional eagles, heraldry and the artist’s preferences. The eagle’s tongue is sticking out, a nod to heraldry. The embellishments on the tail are reminiscent of Native American art while the wings and head are shaped like a traditional eagle.


eagle tattoo designs (91)While this stencil shows promise it is far cry from a completed tattoo. The eagle is incredibly detailed and the arrows sticking out of the bird’s back are intriguing. However, without any ink laid down this tattoo is still conceptual, albeit a concept with significant potential.

Hyper-Realistic Portrait

eagle tattoo designs (92)A great example of a hyper-realistic portrait. The detailed coloring in this piece is the defining factor of its quality. While the artwork is incredible, I question why the artist refrained from making the eagle’s talons yellow.

Patriotic Rib Piece

eagle tattoo designs (93)This tattoo has traditional subjects with an updated style. The Arrows are highly detailed and the head of the eagle is almost dragon-like with an extended tongue. A commendable feat as the artist seamlessly merged his modern style with traditional imagery.

Eagle vs. Snake: The Rubber Match

eagle tattoo designs (94)A back of the head tattoo is a bold decision. Once again we see a traditional style portraying an eagle fighting a snake. The tattoo is a little confusing as the two animals are wrapped up and the eagle’s wings point in two different directions. While the use of traditional colors is endearing, I believe the artist was too heavy handed with the black ink and has overpowered the details of the piece.

Snake Wrapped Around Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (95)In a traditional style we see a top view of a snake wrapped entirely around an eagle. A good use of color creates a distinct separation between the two animals and carries well throughout the piece.

Traditional Black and Gray

eagle tattoo designs (96)While I think the eagle and skull are well done, the roses are a bit skewed towards the center and create an heir of sloppiness.

The Owl and The Eagle

eagle tattoo designs (97)Traditional styling and vibrant colors are the common denominators of this woman’s tattoo collection. The tattoos are well done, giving a nod to traditional styling and subjects while retaining a twist of individualism so crucial to the wearer.

Dueling Eagles

eagle tattoo designs (98)Superb placement is the crowning achievement of this tattoo. While The positions of the eagles differ, the lines of the illustration follow the wearer’s back well and create a scene rather than two separate images.

Traditional Black & Grey

eagle tattoo designs (99)A respectable black and grey variation on a traditional eagle tattoo. I’d like to note that the placement is arguably the most traditional place for a tattoo, as the upper arm has been a tattooing placement staple for decades.

Culture Clash

eagle tattoo designs (100)While the body of the bird is in a Native American style, the tail of the bird done in a style similar to a Celtic knot. While the styles differ they don’t clash and the piece is well portrayed.

The Coupe d’etat of Traditional Chest Pieces

eagle tattoo designs (101)While similar in style and coloration to the other examples of traditionally styled tattoos we have on the list this tattoo sets itself apart through detail. The top row of feathers are embellished and the yellow ridge that runs along the top of the wing has a wave pattern. The roses are colored and shaded creating depth in the flowers. This tattoo is a prime example of the fact that the artist is as important as the style and subject.


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