Find Out What To Expect When You Get Your First Tattoo! Does It Hurt?


If you are going to get a tattoo, nothing will prepare you for what you go through when you go through it for the first time. It  means that you have to simply push aside the feeling of panic and forge ahead so that you can get a fabulous tattoo. The pain of getting a tattoo has been equated to the following:

  • Being slowly scratched by a cat
  • A poke at skin that is burnt by sun
  • Like a tack being dragged on the skin
  • The cut of a hot knife
  • Being poked with a fingernail
  • Like when you scratch a mosquito bite
  • When you poke at a pimple

If you feel scared as this is the first tattoo that you are going to get, then read on: First of all, you should stop being anxious. It is normal to feel a bit apprehensive considering that it is your first tattoo. Everyone feels that way and more so when there is a  lot of confusing amount of information related to the pain of getting tattoos. Many people hesitate to ask about the pain because they don’t want to come across like a coward. The first tattoo can be a scary experience, but how would you really describe it?

Find Out What To Expect When You Get Your First Tattoo! Does It Hurt

It may be scary to get that tattoo but it can be exciting too:

It is most likely that you are going through a whole lot of feelings as you approach the tattoo place. You could almost be tempted to back out from the whole deal  but you need to simply get over it and step in if you are keen about getting the tattoo.

Once you do find the courage to step in, you will find that the first step would be the preparation of the skin where the tattoo is going to be. This part is pretty simple and then the next part is the tracing of the tattoo on the skin.

You will be asked to get into position to get the tattoo and you can tell the tattoo artist at that stage that this is the first time you are getting a tattoo. They will try to calm you so that you feel more relaxed.

The buzz of the tattoo gun could make you feel a bit apprehensive but you need to relax. The actual pain of the needle on the skin may not be as bad as your imagination. It is almost always the case that the pain of getting a tattoo may be worse than your imagination of it. Once you get over the initial apprehension, you may almost feel ticklish.

All people who get their first tattoo may not have such experiences but the thing to remember is that the calmer you can make yourself, the better it will be for you. You will need to hope for the best but at the same time prepare for it to be painful so that you will be prepared to handle it.

Here are some things that you can expect when you get your first tattoo:

    • If the area that is being tattooed has fuzz, then either shave it or have somebody else do it for you.


    • The tattoo artist may look like a geek or a nerd but you need to treat him or her with respect for the work he or she does. However if you feel uncomfortable with the tattoo artist, find another one.


    • Do not jump on first contact with needle on the skin.  So relax and let the needle sink in without sudden movements.


    • The fact is people do not pass out from the pain of being tattooed, it could however happen due to other things like lack of food or drink or due to feeling restless thinking about the tattoo.


    • Most people at tattoo parlors are not there to judge you and do not care what you do as long as it does not affect their work, so it is okay to be a bit nervous.


    • The skin will get oiled before the needle goes in, to make things smoother.


    • Have a good talk with the tattoo artist so that he or she will make efforts to understand how you feel and you will feel more comfortable.


    • If you are not able to divert your mind while the needles are on the skin, try and look at different things to divert the mind.
    • An artist’s hands are light and so are the needles, so relax.


      • You should know that when it comes to tattoos, some parts of the body are more painful than others.


    • The pain will keep moving when the needle hits the skin and you will be able to feel it.


    • You would be surprised at how quickly time  passes when you are getting the tattoo  as you keep focusing on the different sensations.


    • Actually the buildup of getting a tattoo can be worse than the actual process itself.


But do not let that keep you from the joy of getting a tattoo.