100 Heart Tattoos and Designs To Inspire Your Passion


The heart symbol we all know, while looking nothing like the actual organ, has become synonymous with love and passion across the world. Over five centuries ago the heart symbol we know replaced its predecessor. Before the popularization of the modern day heart symbol the heart was represented with an aorta sticking out from between the curves. With the removal of the aorta, the modern day heart symbol was created. The symbol is associated with Valentines Day, card suits, cupid, and almost everything romantic. In this article we’ll be looking at 100 heart tattoos to inspire your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Love Sick

heart tattoos designs (1)

A heart pierced with arrows is usually indicative of being love stricken or love sick. However,  a heart pierced with a sword leaves a little more room for interpretation. I choose to believe this woman’s tattoo is a warning to others that she will vanquish her enemies in the most gruesome manner imaginable, but that’s just my interpretation.

Proverb 31:25

heart tattoos designs (3)

Hearts with a line dedicated to text are popular in the tattoo world. The important consideration is what the text will say, in this tattoo the text is alluding to Proverb 31:25 which says “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.”

Geometric Heart

heart tattoos designs (4)

Simple black outlines compose geometric shapes which compose the heart, a unique take on a simple tattoo.

Oil Rig

heart tattoos designs (5)

A very creative twist on a heart tattoo. An oil derrick pumps the remaining blood out of the wearer’s heart symbolizing the world depleting him of his love and compassion.

Ear Hearts

heart tattoos designs (6)

Depending on the length of the wearer’s hair the back of the ear can be a very conspicuous place for your tattoo. For people with long hair the mass of follicles will typically cover the ink but those of us with shorter hair will constantly be answering questions about our miniature hearts.

Celtic Knot Hearts

heart tattoos designs (11)

A design inspired by a Celtic Knot, the artist simply replaced the the loops with hearts and created a one of a kind image for the wearer.

Heart and Cross

heart tattoos designs (10)

The ancient Greeks and Romans used tattoos to identify themselves with their religious sect. Considering the cross is arguably one of the most popular tattoos in the world it’s safe to say the tradition continues.

Script Heart

heart tattoos designs (9)

A nice take on incorporating text into a heart, the L is written in script and wraps around the o, v, and e spelling love within the heart.

Pin Cushion

heart tattoos designs (8)

A heart stuck with dozens of pins. I’m not sure what the wearer is trying to convey, but I wouldn’t ask them for relationship advice.

Another Script Heart

heart tattoos designs (7)

Very similar to the previous script tattoo, however, this wearer is proclaiming their love for their family.

Ornate Heart

heart tattoos designs (16)

An elegant design of a heart with embellishments reminiscent of Victorian architecture.

Dream Catcher Hearts

heart tattoos designs (15)

Two hearts composed of dream catchers: a sacred Native American object used to protect sleeping people from bad dreams.

Cracking Up

heart tattoos designs (14)

A vivid blue portrayal of a heart using two scrolls and a crown. While the scrolls never touch the mind quickly puts the picture together. The piece is intentionally made to look weathered with cracks interspersed throughout the tattoo.

Side Boob Heart

heart tattoos designs (13)

Just a heart comprised of a black outline with very interesting placement. Whenever the wearer is in an outfit that exposes the side of her breasts prying eyes will be met with this unexpected heart.

I Heart Geometry

heart tattoos designs (12)

Another geometric heart with some additional lines and a splash of red to offer the piece some complexity. Above the knee is a great place for tattoos as they can be easily shown with a dress or pair of shorts and easily covered in a professional environment.

Tribal Heart

heart tattoos designs (17)

Three swirled tribal designs depict a heart. While the photo claims it is a “heart totem” I fail to see the correlation between the tattoo and a Native American totem.

Fingerprint Heart

heart tattoos designs (18)

A very unique illustration using fingerprints to compose the heart.

Hearts and Watercolors

heart tattoos designs (19)

A complimentary pair of hearts accented with vivid colors in a style reminiscent of watercolors. With the color represented inside of one heart and outside of the other the tattoos are obviously a pair but avoid redundancy.

Butterfly Heart

heart tattoos designs (20)

Bold black coloring creates a the heart and the surrounding embellishments including butterfly silhouettes.


heart tattoos designs (21)


An anklet that utilizes white ink to make the faux metal look reflective.

No Outline

heart tattoos designs (26)

This tattoo uses a gorgeous pattern to compose the heart. The really interesting part of this piece is what’s missing, there is no outline, without the outline to signify the separation between tattoo and flesh the piece seems more organic.

Love Skulls

heart tattoos designs (25)

A profile portrait of two skulls staring into each others eye sockets over a rose. Morbid imagery mixed with hearts is usually a symbol of soured romance.

Infinite Heart

heart tattoos designs (24)

A heart interwoven with the infinity symbol, a straightforward way of expressing everlasting love.

The Heart and The Noose

heart tattoos designs (23)

The heart dangles from a noose on a tree limb, a severe image expressing the pain people experience when love is lost.

Hearts and Hands

heart tattoos designs (22)

Two hands come together to create a heart with their fingers over a watercolor backdrop.

Stringing Your Heart Along

heart tattoos designs (27)

A series of hearts connected by lines that remind me of water reeds or wheat grass.

Heart on her Sleeve

heart tattoos designs (28)

While the tattoo is well done and looks good without an outline, be wary of the fact that an upside down heart was used to represent testicles and past cultures. While this woman was most likely unaware of that fact when she got inked, I’m sure she still had a ball.

Flowers and Hearts

heart tattoos designs (29)

An inherently feminine image using soft pinks and reds to illustrate flowers and stems that compose a heart. A refreshing twist on a heart illustration with a traditional color palette.

Thrice Stabbed

heart tattoos designs (31)

A tarot card like image depicting a heart punctured by three swords.

Love, Forever

heart tattoos designs (32)

Another example of an infinity symbol combined with a heart. When deciding on a wrist tattoo consider how difficult they are to conceal and if you want the piece to appear right side up to you (the wearer) or to onlookers. For instance this tattoo would be upside down when seen by anyone other than the wearer.

Mickey Mouse Hearts You

heart tattoos designs (37)

Mickey Mouse is either communicating his love or famed video game protagonist Glover has found his soulmate.

Rib Cage Heart

heart tattoos designs (36)

A rib cage comprises a heart in black and gray ink.

Hearts and Initials

heart tattoos designs (35)

Considering the wearer is the only person who knows which “M” and “B” they are referring to, it makes sense that the wearer decided to place these wrist tattoos for their appreciation.

Realistic Heart

heart tattoos designs (34)

It isn’t often you see a fully realized heart tattooed on someone’s body. I especially appreciate the little red arrows denoting which direction the blood is flowing.

They Love Alicia

heart tattoos designs (33)

A well done piece manipulating the name Alicia into the shape of a heart.

Romantic Owls

heart tattoos designs (38)

A pair of owls perched on branches profess their love for each other when the wearer places their forearms side by side. The cartoon style depicting the animals makes the tattoo more lighthearted and adorable.

Watercolor Heart

heart tattoos designs (40)

An uncolored heart superimposed over a smear of blue, pink, and purple watercolors.

Crayola Hearts

heart tattoos designs (39)


A complimentary pair of heart tattoos depicts the hearts as being created from the same smear of colors. While the idea is intriguing the rainbow inspired color palette gives the piece a childish aesthetic.

Musical Heartbeat
heart tattoos designs (41)

I’m not sure if the wearer is trying to say their heartbeat is musical or that music is the reason for their heartbeat but it is an interesting piece nonetheless.

Patterned Heart

heart tattoos designs (42)

An elaborate pattern fills the heart while a subtle line of black dots surrounds the outline.

Poorly Sketched Watercolor

heart tattoos designs (47)

I can only assume this piece was drawn by a raver in the throes of an ecstasy binge. While he wanted to express his love by drawing  a heart, he instead created a barely discernible series of shaky lines. Throw in some day glow orange and a dash of purple to keep it interesting and your tattoo is the toast of people obliterated on MDMA.

Realized Heart with Patterns

heart tattoos designs (46)

Here we see a realistically shaped heart decorated with an ornate pattern. While a photo-realistic heart may be unsightly a touch of artistic creativity can make it something beautiful.

Anatomy of a Heart

heart tattoos designs (45)

Pulled from a medical textbook the heart pictured above has dotted lines leading to numbers so the student can learn the anatomy of a heart. A subtle nod to the medical profession and an ideal tattoo for a cardiologist.

Geometric Realistic Heart

heart tattoos designs (44)

A real heart was the basis for this geometric design, by breaking the piece down into shapes the piece becomes more abstract.

No Need for Jewelry

heart tattoos designs (43)

This couple has foregone the traditional exchange of wedding rings for a pair of ring finger tattoos. While advertising claims a diamond is forever nothing is more permanent than a tattoo.

Crowned Heart

heart tattoos designs (48)

A black and gray heart adorned with an unusual crown.

Heart Gemstone

heart tattoos designs (49)

A stunning tattoo with depth and color. This piece is designed to look like a gemstone embedded into the wearer’s chest. This is an incredible piece of tattooing with an astonishing amount of depth, the stone glimmers as though you are looking into the wearer’s body.

Cross Stitch Heart

heart tattoos designs (50)

A tattoo of a series of Xs made to look like a cross stitch blanket with the needle store through the flesh of the wearer.

A Classic

heart tattoos designs (51)

Dating back decades sailors have been tattooing a red heart with a banner across it proclaiming “Mom.” A great way to let your mother know you love her and pay homage to the history of tattoos.

Hearts and Friends

heart tattoos designs (52)

Two friends got matching black hearts just under their clavicles. Tattooing can be a personal or communal practice and is best shared with someone you truly care about.

Card Suits

heart tattoos designs (58)

An uninspired representation of the four card suits on the knuckles of the wearer.

Grossly Simple Geometric Heart

heart tattoos designs (64)

The simplest geometric heart we’ve seen so far, this heart is split into two pieces and foregoes the rounded edges for a series of straight lines.

Rock On

heart tattoos designs (63)

A very clever set of tattoos depicting a heart with lines protruding that make the pieces look like hands doing the hand signal synonymous with rock and roll.


heart tattoos designs (56)

A heart laid on its side replaces the B in this simple wrist tattoo.

Dragon Heart

heart tattoos designs (55)

A blue dragon and a red dragon (presumably representing fire and water) crane their necks and intertwine their tails to form a heart.

They Love Whales

heart tattoos designs (62)

This wearer is so passionate about blue whales they decided to get a blue whale tattoo framed in a heart. While the work seems well done the subject matter is esoteric.

Water Heart

heart tattoos designs (61)

A simple black outline of a heart filled with a very good recreation of water.

Wrist Heart

heart tattoos designs (54)

The simple nature of a heart makes it an easy small tattoo. Considering how small you can shrink a heart and still recognize it as a heart, you can place one just about anywhere on your body.

Bloody Heart

heart tattoos designs (53)

A stylized heart in a style that replicates graphite sketches embellished with touches of red and some aortas on top.

The Sun and Moon

heart tattoos designs (60)

A mountain divides a portrait depicting the sun and the moon, all of which is contained inside of the heart.

Gemstone Heart

heart tattoos designs (69)

A multi-faceted heart inked to look like a gem stone. Notice the subtle difference in colors on every facet.


heart tattoos designs (74)

A mantra comprises the outline of a heart on the wearer’s forearm.


heart tattoos designs (73)

Nothing more than an outline in an easily visible are when this woman has a low cut shirt on.

Good Concept, Mediocre Execution

heart tattoos designs (68)

The wearer had a cute idea with a pair of tattoos containing a compass in one heart and a motto in the other, however, the work is a bit sloppy and takes away from the aesthetic of the piece.

Sisterly Love

heart tattoos designs (67)

Three sisters declare there love for one another by getting matching tattoos of a heart symbol leading into a line measuring a heartbeat that spells “sisters”.

No Outline Necessary

heart tattoos designs (72)

Once again we see a patterned heart void of an outline and paired with a similarly patterned yin-yang.

Elaborate Sword through Heart

heart tattoos designs (71)

Here is a very elaborate sword piercing a heart. The tattoo uses very traditional coloring and Mexican inspired embellishments.

Ankle Hearts

heart tattoos designs (66)

Completely black hearts tattooed directly onto the wearer’s Achilles heel adds a certain flair to her appearance.

Open Heart

heart tattoos designs (65)

A stylized heart is cracked open to reveal black tendrils bundled inside.

End of the Line

heart tattoos designs (70)

Lines ascending the wearer’s calves end with heart symbols.

Melt Her Heart

heart tattoos designs (79)

This tattoo is a clever play on the cliche “melts my heart.”


Floral Heart

heart tattoos designs (84)

A floral design composes the outline of the heart in this wrist tattoo.

A Matching Pair

heart tattoos designs (83)

A symbol of the love the couple shares is worn on their wrists in the form of their heart tattoos.

Black Heart

heart tattoos designs (78)

The phrase “black heart” means that someone has no compassion, however, this black heart is endearing because of the colorful flowers that surround it.

Life Bar

heart tattoos designs (77)

This tattoo is the life bar from the popular Nintendo game  The Legend of Zelda.

Elaborate Heart

heart tattoos designs (82)

An ornate heart tattoo using ivy to frame the piece.

Bleeding Geometric Heart

heart tattoos designs (81)

A combination of the pin cushion and geometric hearts we saw earlier.

Matching Anklets

heart tattoos designs (76)

Matching anklets adorned with arrowheads wrap around her ankles and the clasp is fashioned in the shape of a heart.

Raining Hearts

heart tattoos designs (75)

A cute tattoo depicting a small rain cloud precipitating a bunch of black hearts.

Hip Heartbeat

heart tattoos designs (80)


Hip tattoos are a popular option for women nowadays. They are easily concealable and have a certain amount of sex appeal for the people that do see them.

Gemstone Heart
heart tattoos designs (89)

I’m really liking the gemstone hearts for women. They’re intriguing, they have depth, and they make great use of shading and colors.


heart tattoos designs (94)

While I’m not sure what the wearer is trying to convey, I appreciate the artist’s use of traditional coloring in this tattoo.

Geometric Heart

heart tattoos designs (99)

This tattoo differs from the other geometric hearts we’ve seen by using the geometric shapes to create a pattern inside of the heart instead of comprising the heart with shapes.

Wings, Crown, Heart

heart tattoos designs (98)

This tattoo is a little too busy for my tastes and I question the artist’s decision to use yellow in the heart.

Black and White

heart tattoos designs (93)

A pair of palm tattoos, one black, one white. When you’re getting a tattoo with your SO remember that they don’t have to match exactly.


heart tattoos designs (88)

Unless you’re a neo-nazi avoid swastikas at all costs.

Pinkie Heart

heart tattoos designs (87)

A heart outline on the pinkie before the first knuckle.

“Take Care”

heart tattoos designs (92)

A black heart bordered with a dot pattern and adorned with flowers and a banner reading, “Take Care.”

Foot Heart

heart tattoos designs (97)

Tattoos on the bottom of the foot don’t hold up very well considering you’re walking on them all day.

Ink Spot

heart tattoos designs (96)

The negative space creates the image in this tattoo. An ink spot just above the wearer has a heart in the middle.

“I am…”

heart tattoos designs (91)

A black heart with a banner that reads “I am, I am, I am.” While the idea for the tattoo was simple the execution was poor, notice how the coloring is spotty and the text is sloppy.

Candy Heart

heart tattoos designs (86)

If you’re looking for a great way to express your narcissism, look no further.

“True Love”

heart tattoos designs (85)


A black heart with a colorless border is pierced by cupids arrow and adorned by flowers and a banner reading “True Love.”

Blue Mandala Heart
heart tattoos designs (90)

Vibrant blues and greens color a mandala pattern on this heart.

Realized Heart

heart tattoos designs (95)An abstract take on the outline of a realized heart with cube creating the pattern inside.

Heart Cycle

heart tattoos designs (105)

Two arrows feed into each other and compose the outline of this heart.

Crowned Heart

heart tattoos designs (103)

A small heart outline with a crown, scrolls replace the top of the heart and add flair to the piece.

King and Queen

heart tattoos designs (102)A great idea for a couples tattoo, the king and queen of hearts are represented on the couples index fingers.

Bold Outline

heart tattoos designs (101)

A bold outline is the ideal compliment to the delicate lines inside this realistically shaped heart.

Dead Crows

heart tattoos designs (100)

An odd, yet well executed idea. I appreciate the small Xs through the eyes of the crows to symbolize they’re dead. The crows crane their necks to create a shape similar to a heart while a heart is pictured above the one crow’s tail.

Celestial Heart

heart tattoos designs (106)

Considering every human being on the planet is comprised of 93% star dust, I would say this tattoo is wildly appropriate.


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