100 Mysterious Lion Tattoo Ideas To Ink With


Lions are majestic creatures that represent dominion, confidence, ferocity, and power. The image of lions also conveys bravery, protection, strength, and wisdom. In the ancient times, lion tattoos symbolized the valor of fierce warriors and authority of leaders. From Africa and Egypt to China and various parts of Asia, lion tattoos have been used for centuries as symbols of supreme power and royalty.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo that portrays your strong character and wild nature, a lion tattoo is an excellent choice. Consider the following collection of artistic lion tattoos to get amazing design ideas. Whether you want an attention-grabbing tattoo or a simplistic expression, there’s surely something here to pique your interest.


Lion Head With Feathers

lion tattoo ideas (103)

This captivating tattoo features the head of a lion linked to three feathers down the upper arm. If you’re not afraid to show off your passionate, adventurous nature, gives this conspicuous arm tattoo a try.


Arm Sleeve and Stomach Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (102)

A sleeve tattoo usually covers the entire arm, from the wrist to the shoulder. Truly for the bold, confident individual, this arm sleeve tattoo displays a wonderful combination of various elements of Mother Nature, including a butterfly, a bird, and flowers. An open-mouthed leopard perfectly complements the lion head on the woman’s abdomen.


Full-Bodied Lion Walking Beneath a Quarter Moon

lion tattoo ideas (101)

A mystifying lion casually strolling under the bright moon and stars depicts a certain calmness and adds a mysterious appeal to your personality.


Bright-Eyed Lion

lion tattoo ideas (100)

Instead of the traditional black and gray style, go for an eye-catching orange color palette to fully express the beauty of a superior, powerful lion. The eyes of the lion on this arm tattoo pulls you in, as if in a trance.


Roaring Lion

lion tattoo ideas (99)

This forearm tattoo depicts a colorful design that gives off a sense of superiority and creativity.


Geometric Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (94)

Do you want a lion tattoo that’s both artistic and simplistic? This tattoo is a great choice, as it uses geometric lines and shapes instead of shading for a clean look.


Colorful Lion

lion tattoo ideas (95)

This growling lion tattoo boasts warm colors that look pleasing to the eye. A great combination of orange, brown, red, blue, and green hues make this tattoo easily stand out.


Tribal Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (96)

If you want a more somber depiction of your favorite animal, get a tattoo with thick lines that are filled in with black. Look into the eyes of this lion, and you’ll see a wise, respected creature worthy of reverence.


Floral Thigh Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (97)

A tattoo on the thigh almost always looks seductive and somehow increases a woman’s appeal. This lion tattoo is surrounded by outlines of flowers for a touch of femininity.


Ankle Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (98)

Getting a tattoo doesn’t always mean you have to show it on the most visible parts of your body. This simple side-ankle lion tattoo features light strokes without definitive lines and may be kept hidden when you wear your shoes.


Watercolor Style

lion tattoo ideas (93)

This tattooing style simulates the color palette and brushstroke appeal of watercolor paintings. A fantastic lion tattoo for creative and free-spirited persons!


Chest Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (92)

Having a tattoo on the chest is very popular among men, as it signifies dominance and superiority.


Stunning Black and Gray Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (91)

Featuring clearly defined lines mixed with subtle geometric shapes and pieces of braids, this lion tattoo is a wonderful depiction of the magnificent king of the jungle.


Fierce Symbol of Strength

lion tattoo ideas (90)

At first glance, you’ll immediately get the impression that this man has gone through hard times and has overcome life’s challenges. The powerful phrase “Stay Strong” carved over an unrelenting lion emphasizes the will and determination of this person.



lion tattoo ideas (89)

There’s probably nothing more alluring than a strong, independent woman who shows that she’s capable of being fierce and brave like a lion.


Elegant Lion

lion tattoo ideas (84)

This is another thigh tattoo that shows off an elegant portrayal of the lion. Green leaves surround the central tattoo and converge with a simple, red flower at the bottom.


Captivating Lion

lion tattoo ideas (79)

A front-facing lion is emphasized by open-ended outlines and shades of black with the mane mostly left unfilled.


Enchanting Hip Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (80)

Like a thigh tattoo, a hip tattoo is equally alluring. This simple illustration of a lion conveys a woman’s inner strength.


Beautiful Floral Art

lion tattoo ideas (85)

This floral tattoo is perfect for any woman who wants to express her wild and feminine side. The addition of flowers and leaves makes this lion tattoo more alluring.


Mystical Lion

lion tattoo ideas (86)

This mandala tattoo emanates radial balance and displays a domineering lion in the center.


Double-Tongued Lion

lion tattoo ideas (81)

Thigh tattoos appear to be a popular option among women, but this one shows off a peculiar lion with seemingly two tongues that connect to the surrounding exterior outline.


Forefinger Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (82)

The lovely, world-renowned model and actress Cara Delevingne shows off a lion tattoo on her forefinger.


Geometric Tattoo


This upper arm tattoo makes use of various geometric shapes and lines that beautifully form a well-balanced design.


Medusa Lion

lion tattoo ideas (88)

Do you think this tattoo somehow resembles the mythological villain Medusa? The mane of this lion consists of intricate curls and twists, and the head rests on a mysterious circle with dotted lines inside and an arrow in the middle.


Back Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (83)

This back tattoo exudes a regal charm that’s perfect for strong, independent women.

Watercolor Splash

lion tattoo ideas (78)

If you’re looking for a dash of creativity, this watercolor tattoo embodies an artistic motif that everyone around you will surely admire.

Crowned King of the Jungle

lion tattoo ideas (73)

As the king of the jungle, a lion certainly deserves a crown, and this tattoo captures the authoritative presence of a lion.

Realistic, 3-D Artwork

lion tattoo ideas (72)

This 3-D artwork looks eye-popping and grabs anyone’s attention. It practically looks like the lion is roaring out of the man’s arm!

Floral Beauty

lion tattoo ideas (77)

The floral design of this tattoo adds a hint of feminism to its overall look.

Tribal With a Touch of Realism

lion tattoo ideas (76)

Tribal leaders in the old times, and even in the present times, considered the image of lions as a sign of leadership and power.

Glorious Lion Over The “Eye”

lion tattoo ideas (71)

This tattoo boasts a perfectly geometrical style and also looks mysterious with the addition of an eye.

Bold Lines

lion tattoo ideas (70)

Showcasing the magnificence of a roaring lion, this tattoo transforms the man’s arm into an exquisite work of art.

Heartwarming, Realistic Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (75)

The lion walks side by side with a dog, making this tattoo extremely charming and lighthearted.

Regal Lion

lion tattoo ideas (74)

This tattoo appears nothing short of majestic, with its flowy outlines and curvy style.

Geometric Creativity

lion tattoo ideas (69)

This attractive tattoo creates a distinctive geometric pattern that looks meticulously inked.

A Lion With Wings

lion tattoo ideas (64)

This winged lion tattoo is a wonderful expression of freedom for the free-spirited individual.

Symbolic Representation

lion tattoo ideas (59)

Conveying religious hints, this tattoo is very symbolic and meaningful.

Exquisite Convergence of Lines

lion tattoo ideas (60)

While this tattoo is devoid of heavy shades, the proportional lines create a symmetrical design that looks attractive.

Feathered Lion

lion tattoo ideas (65)

Hints of yellow, red and blue hues add a jolt of color to this black and gray tattoo.

Artistic Wordplay

lion tattoo ideas (66)

Nothing says “living life without worries” better than this creative tattoo, in which the words “Hakuna Matata” form the shape of a lion.

Mysterious Puzzle

lion tattoo ideas (61)

Like putting different pieces of a puzzle together, this mysterious tattoo features separate blocks that form the face of a lion.

Symmetrical Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (62)

Geometrical tattoos always look fascinating, with their distinctive composition and sense of balance.

Fierce Shoulder Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (67)

This lion tattoo shows your dominance and power.

Simple Geometrical Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (68)

As simplistic as it looks, this tattoo boasts a streamlined design that’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t like tattoos that are too bold and showy.

Mysterious, Two-Faced Lion

lion tattoo ideas (63)

Do you believe that each of us has two faces, one of which we openly show to the world and the other more concealed? This meaningful tattoo conveys that message and will surely get you thinking.

Simplistic Wrist Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (54)

This small, subtle tattoo covers only a small portion of your wrist and thus doesn’t look gaudy.

Royal Lion Sleeve Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (49)

When you choose to cover your entire arm with a sleeve tattoo, you can never go wrong with an outstanding design like this regal lion tattoo.

Powerful Tribal Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (44)

This tribal tattoo expresses authority, power, and dominance.

Adorable Lion

lion tattoo ideas (45)

While a lion typically looks menacing, this tattoo tones down the animal’s scary image and transforms the lion into a charming creature.

Seductive Thigh Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (50)

This thigh tattoo adds appeal and makes the woman more enticing than ever.

Wisdom in the Eyes

lion tattoo ideas (55)

The soulful eyes of a lion say a lot, and this tattoo captures the brooding look of a wise lion perfectly.

Flank Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (56)

This flank tattoo is inevitably hidden when you wear a shirt, but it’s perfect to display when you’re out in the beach or having fun outdoors.

Watercolor Painting Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (51)

Like the previous watercolor painting tattoos shown above, this colorful tattoo is brimming with creativity and interest.

A Lion and an Angel

lion tattoo ideas (46)

The Latin phrase “Amor Fati” means “love of fate,” making this tattoo a symbolic representation of the person’s belief in accepting everything that happens in his life.

Downcast Lion

lion tattoo ideas (47)

The gloomy eyes of the lion on this tattoo express a certain melancholy that touches the heart.

Forefinger Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (52)

This forefinger tattoo belongs to none other than the ultra-famous model-actress Cara Delevingne, who’s best known for her playful, carefree personality.

Mandala Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (57)

This Mandala tattoo is an excellent portrayal of proportion and symmetry.

Painting Style

lion tattoo ideas (58)

This colorful tattoo is simply eye-catching.

Brushstroke Aesthetics

lion tattoo ideas (53)

It seems that many of these lion tattoos are watercolor painting types, and for a good reason. This tattoo design never goes out of style.

Vibrant Colors

lion tattoo ideas (48)

Vibrant shades of blue, orange, red, and black characterize the mesmerizing design of this tattoo.

Simple Dark and Gray Tattoo

lion tattoo ideas (39)

This person’s wrist displays a simple lion tattoo that’s suitable for youngsters and adults alike.

Coarse Lines and Dark Shading

lion tattoo ideas (34)

This doesn’t look exactly appealing at first glance, but the coarse lines and simple design may catch your interest.


Dark Shading

lion tattoo ideas (28)

Showcasing dark shading, these matching arm tattoos are perfect for couples.

Side View

lion tattoo ideas (23)

This arm tattoo looks meticulously handcrafted.

The Gentleman Lion With a Hat and a Red Tie

lion tattoo ideas (24)

Who said lions are always wild? This tattoo adds a touch of refinery by transforming a lion into a sophisticated lad with a hat and bow tie.

Blurry Effect

lion tattoo ideas (29)

This blurry tattoo looks like a messy blotch at a distance, but shows an artistic splash of dark shades on closer inspection.

Fantastic Shading, Amazing Shapes, and a Touch of Bright Hues

lion tattoo ideas (35)

This magnificent tattoo adorns the back and left shoulder of this woman, with interesting geometric designs and distinctive shapes extending from the mane of the lion.

Peeking From a Crevice

lion tattoo ideas (40)

While it looks a bit perplexing, this creative tattoo shows a lion seemingly peeking from the inside of a crack.

Elegant Twirls

lion tattoo ideas (41)

The mane of this lion appears elegant, as the curls and twirls replace the typical mane.

Bloody Lion

lion tattoo ideas (36)

If you really want to boost your manliness and exude an air of power, this tattoo will surely do the job. However, the image of a ferocious lion is somehow balanced out with the addition of a flower at the bottom.

Fiery Colors

lion tattoo ideas (30)

A fantastic tattoo that’s mainly composed of red and orange hues.

Fire and Ice

lion tattoo ideas (25)

These tattoos excellently depict two contrasting colors, with one lion sitting calmly with a fiery brightness and the other pacing menacingly with blue and purple shades. Definitely an amazing choice for couples.

Splashes of Ink

lion tattoo ideas (26)This tattoo at the back of the leg combines black and gray shades.


Perfect Symmetry

lion tattoo ideas (31)

A unique geometrical tattoo that embodies artistic skills.

Tough Outside, a Maiden Inside

lion tattoo ideas (37)

This tattoo has an interesting story to tell. It appears to show conflicting personalities, one of which is a strong-minded lion and the other a delicate damsel in distress.


Colors of the Wind

lion tattoo ideas (42)

A perfect blend of colors that adds interest to your arm.

A Lion With a Floral Mane

lion tattoo ideas (43)

If a floral-themed tattoo is your preference, this lion tattoo showcases a flowery mane that emanates femininity and elegance.

Symmetrical Lion Head

lion tattoo ideas (38)

Another ideal example of proportion and balance.

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