30 Mermaid Tattoo Ideas For Girls


Mermaid tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos- The Mythical Tattoos

Mermaids are one of the most beautiful myths on earth, it is believed that mermaids live in water, and are different from the usual water animals. The upper body of the mermaid is of a beautiful woman whereas the tail is of a fish. Mermaid tattoos have been popular since long, and they are the choice of both the sexes.
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History of Mermaid Tattoos

    • The fifteenth and sixteenth century Greeks, who used to explore the places, came with the story that the some sea animals have different structure which was made with the mixture of woman’s and fishes body.
    • They even claimed that these creatures were deadly, and even used to lure men to come inside the water by acting as they were drowning.
    • Mermaids are supposed to have long flowing hair which was even compared with their goddess of love who had similar looks.
    • The mermaids had sexual meaning for the Greeks.

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  • Vintage Symbols: It is the oldest form of tattoos amongst those tattoos which became popular in the early 1900, which was almost used by the sailors. After seeing the current trend it would be amazing to know that these tattoos were done by man, however the scenario has changed quite a bit, and now it is being done by both the sexes.
  • Myth: Mermaid is one of the mythical creations, which have never been seen but are believed to have existed with human and fish body mixture. Various ancient cultures believed that mermaids truly do exist, and they are the ones who have made us aware of the way mermaids actually look like
  • Greek and Roman Civilizations:  It is said that the presence of mermaids was being emphasized by the Greeks and the Romans. The Greeks believed that mermaids have been created with the union of God and sea creatures. It is also said that mermaids are almost found near the rocks of the sea in order to lure the sailors and were one of the major reasons of the death of the sailors.

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Amazing Facts about the Mermaid Tattoo

Hence the mystery has not been solved yet, however some believe of their existence while some of them not.

Evolution of Mermaid Tattoos

    • Sailors were the one who made the mermaid tattoos popular, because they are believed to be the first one to have it on their body.
    • Initially, it was worn by man who used to live near the sea, but eventually as tattoos became a part of fashion it was seen generally on the body of many people around.
    • With passage of time, it has gained popularity amongst women too, and are decorated on different portions of both the sexes i.e. shoulders, backs.
    • The tattoos can be captured using a large space, making the tattoo look more clear and beautiful.
    • The designs of the tattoos can be drawn in various ways; however it is preferred to be drawn on the round postures of the body.

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  • The mermaid tattoos looks more vibrant on the curved poses, and the tattoo may have a single mermaid or a set of mermaid.
  • It is one of the tattoo designs which lets the artist to use different colour to make the designs, different use of colours makes the tattoo look all the more beautiful and attractive, however such use of bold colours may not be used in every type of tattoo designs.
  • Earlier during the phase of World War II, the designs of the tattoos were quite typical, however now it has gone through lots of changes i.e. from simple black lines the designs have adopted multiple colours making the tattoo a lot catchy than ever before.
  • As our body, mostly consists of water, and many of us would like to swim in the water. In this case mermaids may signify this, and we may have the mermaids on our body signifying the portion of water in our body.
  • Mermaids have always been admired for their beauty however on the other hand, mermaids in the churches are symbolized as vanity one of the deadly sins. Often mermaid paintings were found near the churches to say people to stay away from the various sins on the earth. And even though after being associated with the sins, they are also considered as the creation of the goddess of love and beauty.

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Designs of the Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos: Symbolism

Mermaid is considered as one of the sensual figures on earth, her long hair and curves add to her beauty. They were deemed to be in the era where women were bound by several restrictions, mermaids were on the contrary were extrovert and were known for keeping their hair loose, and even did not hesitated displaying themselves bare bodied.
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Anyone  who is willing to get the tattoo done it is always important to gain an insight about it, and know what are the symbols used in the tattoo all about and which one would you like to have it on your body. Hence research in such cases will help you give a better idea and help you select the perfect tattoo for yourself.
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