30 Panther Tattoo Ideas For Boys and Girls


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Panther Tattoo- Get the Feel of Courage

The tattoo denotes about the personality of the person, and when we talk about panther tattoos it symbolises about the strong traits of the person. The tattoo designs on the body of the person can have different affects on the people who see to it, some may get attracted towards it however some of them may take it offensively. However, one can get it done, based on their personal taste and conveniences. panther tattoos001 panther tattoos002 panther tattoos003 panther tattoos004 panther tattoos005

History of Panther Tattoo

The design of the panther tattoo has been inspired from the children book named “Minute Myths”. The panther in this book was sent as devour to the princess to prove his strength, and it was then the Black Panther came into existence. The panther tattoo is symbolised as Military design. panther tattoos006 panther tattoos007 panther tattoos008

Panther Tattoo Designs

  • The designs of the tattoos may be small or big, depending on the choice of the person who wants to get it done.
  • The designs chosen may be of animals, which may vary in size and may extend to the length of one arm or may cover the whole back of an individual.
  • The design should be chosen with full care, keeping in mind that it suits your body and your personality as a whole.
  • You may have to make choice of the designs which may vary from fancy to the simple tattoos, i.e. ones which are in bright colours or the ones which are in simple black colour.
  • Tribal panther designs, it creates an impact on the other section of the people and also looks very attractive. Various mixtures of colours are being used in the tribal panther designs.
  • A pink panther tattoo can be used on the people of the body who are fun loving and humorous.

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Panther Tattoos for Women

Women are known to be soft and delicate, however when it comes to taking care of their families they can take the fiercest of looks, to protect the family from any kind of risk. And it would be perfect to get a panther tattoo done in this case, as panther portrays both strength and also the attractiveness and the beauty of the women. It even symbolises protection and also symbol of rebirth. The presence of panther symbolises new beginning. panther tattoos014

Panther Tattoos for Men

This is the favourite choice of men, as panther symbolises strength and power, and this is also what men himself symbolises. Men are always looked upon for leadership, strength, courage. In this case men like to have the tattoo done on their body which is visible say on the muscles, which again symbolises the masculinity and power of the men. The choice of men is different as that of women, men choose aggressively looking panther however women choosing the calm panther on their body. panther tattoos015

What Does Panther Tattoos Symbolises?

    • Panther is associated with strength, power hence having the panther on your body symbolises strength.
    • The combined design of the Black Panther and the tribal design of the tattoo project a bold persona of the person, however it is also a lot appealing once done.
    • Panthers are also believed to carry the sweetest animals amongst all the animals present in the jungle, they carry a sweet breath than the other animals and humans present here. This is one of the attractions of the panther tattoo, and it can be used on the body to represent the breath of life.

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  • These tattoos are unisex, and can be put on both the body of man and woman. Panther tats are unisex. Women who have the daring spirit within themselves can make them done on their body, to symbolise this.
  • Tattoo being of a large size, are often placed on the legs or arms or back of your body as they occupy a large portion on your body.
  • This tattoo is more popular among men, but it will not be wrong to say that the demand of these tattoos amongst women has also increased, who wants to portray confidence, beauty and power within themselves.
  • The black ink used for the tattoos covers a large portion of the body, and is often used to hide the existing tattoos.
  • Basic heads of panther can be used to cover the unwanted round tattoos; however a panther crawling tattoo can be used to hide the tattoo built up vertically.

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Getting a Panther Tattoo Done

Panther Tattoos are Also used to Cover the Existing Tattoos

Why to Choose the Panther Tattoo?

Panther is one of the most dangerous animal, which is the combination of two animals i.e. leopard and puma. Panther also represents the strength and courage of the woman, and it says about the whole story of a woman who protects her children and family from all the bad things in the world, in such a case a woman can chose the panther tattoo on her body. panther tattoos023 panther tattoos024 panther tattoos025 panther tattoos026 panther tattoos027 panther tattoos028 panther tattoos029 panther tattoos030 panther tattoos031 panther tattoos032 panther tattoos034