25 Tiniest and Cutest Tattoos Ever!


There are many people who think tattoos are not socially acceptable, but still want to indulge in this passion. Women, especially, worry about their image when it comes to inking something on their bodies. That is when a choice of a tiny, cute tattoo balances both worlds. Even for a couple who considers a tattoo more permanent than a ring and the ultimate expression of their love, a delicate symbol helps them retain that maturity as well as dip in a little craziness.

Here are some tiniest, cutest, tastefully done tattoos adorned by some people.

A tiny heart

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This is the most favorite tattoo with the ladies as well as the couples. It is adorned by people who believe in love, and live by it, or who want positivity and sunshine in life always, or when they completely adore a personand can’t help expressing it. Here is anexample of a very tiny heart done on a collarbone, giving the right look of sensuality and beauty.


A couple choosing this anchor tattoo expresses that they belong with each other. Just like a ship may sail throughout the world but can be secured at any particular place with an anchor, this couple considers each other as that anchor who will always make sure there is a stable home, no matter what. And just a look on the hand will be a gentle reminder of that through thick and thin. This is a classic example of a tattoo done for all the right reasons with class and taste.


small-tattoo little-bow 0e4a8fb1ec1ee21405f14e1ed8c519f2

Girls have been crazy about bows since they were little and used them as hair clips or saw them on gifts. It is a feminine symbol, which, if tattooed delicately, looks very pretty. For some, this symbol also signifies that life is a gift and should be treasured. For others, it might be a reminder that instead of regretting the past or worrying about the future, the ‘present’ should be focused on.



A moon is another feminine symbol. The moon is the prime element of a dark night, glowing with a calmness and serenity. It is also a symbol of peace, mystery and magic. A crescent shaped moon is considered to be its most beautiful form in many cultures and even for lovers. A delicate crescent shaped moon is a beautiful feminine symbol. One of the pictures here also shows a sad moon, relating the quiet sacrifices of a moon in the darkness of the night with the perpetual sorrow of a woman.


tiny kitty tattoo small footat simple star hello-kitty-tattoo-designs cute-hello-kitty-tattoo kitty tattoo

There are cat lovers out there, with the kitty symbol a favorite. A tiny kitty can look very adorable, done with the right skill on the right place, or even if it is well-written. The two pictures shown here are excellent examples of the same.

Infinity symbol

Infinity is a tiny symbol with just a couple of curves and still speaks volumes. It is not just the favorite symbol of many Math lovers out there, but also a symbol of eternity for religious people, or even for astrologists and cosmologists. It is one of the tiniest and most preferred tattoo symbols. Shown below are two examples.

Favorite bird

24-small-bird-tattoo1 small-bird-tattoos1

Of course there are many people who prefer huge tattoos of an owl or a hummingbird or even a phoenix splashed with colors. However, there are also some who prefer just a tiny indication of their favorite bird, increasing the cuteness factor even more. Below are two such examples. The tattoo of a swan is an excellent usage of white, resulting in a graceful picture, retaining its delicate and cute form.


A tiny, thin anklet is another example of the feminine delicacy and charm. The tattoo in this picture is a beautiful combination of an anklet merging with the favorite word of this girl. In the shape of an anklet, it says, ‘alive’, expressing the gratefulness of being alive through a charming stroke of art.

Other tiny popular tattoos include a star, a diamond, a feather, an arrow and even an ‘x’ & ‘0’ symbol.

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