Top 100 Disney Tattoo Ideas That Evoke Nostalgia


Disney movies and animations have captured the hearts of people of all ages for many decades. Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and many other endearing characters have immensely influenced the childhood of many of us.

From finding destined princes to strengthening friendships and living happily ever after, Disney has it all. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo to express your love for your timeless Disney favorites, check out this compilation of stunning tattoos to get an idea or two.


Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Disney tattoo ideas (1)

This minimalist tattoo solely uses black ink and depicts the journey of Alice into the Wonderland. Black silhouettes of Alice, the rabbit, a cup of tea, and the Hatter are aligned diagonally, with a cute, charming heart topping off the tattoo series.

Geometric Minnie Mouse With a Bow

disney tattoo ideas (2)

Showcasing a symmetrical geometric design inside the outline of Minnie Mouse’s head, this tattoo gives off a sense of balance and proportion. The red bow adds a hint of color, making the tattoo more attractive. Minnie Mouse is undoubtedly one of the most popular Disney characters of all time, and this geometric tattoo is an excellent option if you want a creative representation of your favorite character.

Colorful Disney Castle

disney tattoo ideas (3)

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you’ll love this watercolor Disney castle tattoo which shows off a perfect blend of warm colors.

Whimsical Mary Poppins

disney tattoo ideas (4)

This simplistic black-inked tattoo is a fun and cute option if you want a small Disney-themed tattoo that doesn’t attract too much attention, as it is placed close to the back of the ear. Mary Poppins is a well-loved Disney character who’s known for roaming over rooftops and flying with her parrot umbrella as she wears her sensible hat.

Stuck in a Bottle

disney tattoo ideas (5)

This sketch-like tattoo features rugged outlines as if drawn on paper, creating a distinctive artistic appeal. This tattoo portrays a memorable scene in the animation “Alice in Wonderland,” wherein Alice drank a bottle of potion that made her entire physique shrink in size and causing her to fit inside the bottle itself.

A Rose from the Beast

disney tattoo ideas (6)

This simple yet meaningful tattoo is a wonderful choice to express your sympathy for the cursed Beast who eventually learned to love.

Up, Up, and Away

disney tattoo ideas (7)

One of the most unforgettable scenes of the comedic yet tearjerker film “Up” is when the elderly widower Carl decided to tie hundreds of balloons to his home and escape from it all.

Triangular Mickey Mouse

disney tattoo ideas (8)

Geometric shapes characterize the simplistic style of this tattoo.

Mickey Mouse Twirls

disney tattoo ideas (9)


Adorn the sides of your ankle with this Mickey Mouse tattoo consisting of twirls for a clean, uncluttered tattoo.

Mickey Mouse With a Disney Hat

disney tattoo ideas (10)

A fun twist to the typical Mickey Mouse tattoos — this black-inked tattoo is accentuated by a blue hat with star and moon design elements.

Peter Pan on the Moon

disney tattoo ideas (11)

Who doesn’t love the energetic flying boy whose life is filled with endless adventures? This tattoo shows Peter Pan, with a sparkle of pixie dust, resting quietly on the moon.

Captain America’s Shield

disney tattoo ideas (12)

Did you know that Disney acquired Marvel back in 2009? Captain America, the Avengers, and other blockbuster superhero films are now under the wing of the Walt Disney Company, which means your choice of Disney-themed characters has just significantly expanded to every character imaginable. This 3-D tattoo pops out of the arm for a realistic effect.

Hands Forming a Heart

disney tattoo ideas (13)

What better way to express love than make a heart sign with two hands? Mickey Mouse’s hands are perfect for an adorable heart-themed tattoo.

The Longing of a Mermaid

disney tattoo ideas (14)

This meaningful tattoo portrays Ariel, the “Little Mermaid,” sitting solemnly as she’s enclosed inside a mirror. This beautiful tattoo depicts the challenges Ariel went through to pursue her star-crossed lover.

The Key to the Heart of the Queen

disney tattoo ideas (15)

Perfect for couples, this pair of tattoos match each other well. These tattoos symbolize characters in “Alice in Wonderland.”

Iconic Disney Logo

disney tattoo ideas (16)

Let everyone know that you’ve been to Disneyland and that you adore Disney movies by imprinting the iconic Disney logo on your skin.

The Cowboy Shark

disney tattoo ideas (17)

This tattoo gives a twist to the Disney character Bruce, who plays a great white shark the well-known underwater movie “Finding Nemo.”

Mickey Strumming a Guitar

disney tattoo ideas (18)

The adorable Mickey Mouse plays a guitar.

Colorful Fireworks in Disneyland

disney tattoo ideas (19)

Disneyland is the ultimate dream destination of almost every child, and this tattoo shows how fun and colorful it is.

Charming Mickey Mouse

disney tattoo ideas (20)

Choose a simple tattoo of Mickey Mouse’s head for areas like your wrist, side of the neck, or ankle.

Beauty and the Beast

disney tattoo ideas (21)

Floral outlines, rich colors, and creative details define the beauty of these leg tattoos.

Adorable Squirrels

disney tattoo ideas (22)

This pair of lovable squirrels are simply irresistible. The fun placement on both thighs adds a hint of playfulness to these tattoos.

“Let It Go” Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (23)

Elsa’s most popular and oft-repeated catchphrase “Let It Go” is perfectly captured by this artistic tattoo, which shows off beautiful cursive handiwork and snowflake accents.

Donkey Hanging From a Balloon

disney tattoo ideas (24)

This endearing character from the “Toy Story” movies hangs from a vibrant red balloon located at the nape of the neck.

Simple Abstract Beauty

disney tattoo ideas (25)

This tattoo combines abstract style and watercolor technique to create a lovely design.

Splash of Colors

disney tattoo ideas (26)

This watercolor tattoo looks a bit messy at first glance, but it actually creatively blends different colors that overlap inside and outside the rugged Mickey Mouse outline.

Ariel and Eric from “The Little Mermaid”

disney tattoo ideas (27)

These matching tattoos are perfect for both of your arms as well as for couples.

The Wonders of the Disney Castle

disney tattoo ideas (28)

This tattoo portrays the dreamy fairy tale Cinderella castle nestled between Disney’s Magic Kingdom and World Resort theme parks. Intricate detailing and vivid colors make this tattoo stand out.

Neck Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (29)

It seems that many tattoo enthusiasts choose the Disney Castle design, because it perfectly symbolizes the Walt Disney enterprise. This black tattoo is located at the nape of the neck, so you can easily hide it with your hair.

The Wrath of Ursula

disney tattoo ideas (30)

Another tattoo depicting Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” this piece of skin artwork also shows other characters like the villain Ursula and the sidekick fish and lobster.

Minnie Mouse’s Bow Atop a Key

disney tattoo ideas (31)

This key-themed tattoo is highlighted by Minnie Mouse’s polka dot-patterned bow.

Back Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (32)

Back tattoos look rather seductive, and this tattoo is based on a combination of various Disney elements, such as the shape of the Mickey Mouse’s head and Minnie Mouse’s bow wrapped around a meaningful key.

Elsa Sketch Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (33)

Sketch-style tattoos look like they are derived from the preliminary drawings of artists, adding a raw artistic touch to their beauty.

To Infinity and Beyond Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (34)

This couple tattoo is the perfect expression of the eternal love between two people, and it originates from the popular catchphrase “to infinity and beyond” by Buzz Lightyear from the “Toy Story.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (35)

This creative tattoo portrays Jack Skellington from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as a balloon whose string is held by his romantic lover Sally.

Knuckle Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (36)

These tattoos are ideal embellishments to accessorize your fingers in place of rings.

Charming Kitten

disney tattoo ideas (37)
This sweet, rosy-cheeked kitten exudes an innocent charm.

Believe Tattoo


disney tattoo ideas (39)

This tattoo showcases the power of will, determination, and a strong belief.

Mickey Mouse Aboard a Ship
disney tattoo ideas (40)

This tattoo portrays Mickey Mouse maneuvering the ship’s wheel while humming a song.

Cute Elephant

disney tattoo ideas (41)

Enhance your cute appeal with this baby elephant tattoo.

The Lion King Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (42)
The thought-provoking phrase “remember who you are” and a drawing of Simba by the sage monkey from “The Lion King” characterize this tattoo.

Geometric Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (43)

These geometrical tattoos boast symmetrical patterns and matching heart designs.

Puppet On a String

disney tattoo ideas (44)
Maybe you’d like to convey a meaningful message about being controlled or longing for freedom. This tattoo wonderfully sends that message across.

Cinderella Castle

disney tattoo ideas (45)

The artist uses clean outlines without applying deep shades to create this wonderful Disney castle-themed tattoo.


Cinderella and the Evil Queen

disney tattoo ideas (46)

This is another sketch-style tattoo that looks like it was drawn on paper. Deft application of colors and rough outlines make this back tattoo eye-pleasing.


“Dream” Mickey Mouse Tattoo 

disney tattoo ideas (47)

This is probably one of the simplest but most creative tattoos on this list, as the word “dream” interlaces with the Mickey-shaped outline.

“We’re All Mad” Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (48)

If you believe we all have our own distinctive quirkiness, this artistic yet seductive thigh tattoo is for you.

Peter Pan and Wendy in Neverland Ear Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (49)

One of the most interesting tattoo areas is behind the ear, and this black-inked tattoo will permanently embellish the back of your ear.

Donkey With a Butterfly

disney tattoo ideas (51)

Donkey is a well-loved “Toy Story” character that will add a dash of cute appeal to any person’s arm.

“Never Lose Your Voice” The Little Mermaid Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (52)

This tattoo is meaningful and well-thought-out.

Smiling Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (53)

Mickey and Minnie are probably two of the most popular Disney characters, and they are perfect choices to match your legs or thighs.

Compass Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (54)

This enticing waist tattoo stays hidden when you put a shirt on, making it a practical choice if you mostly want to show it off when wearing a bikini.

Tinker Bell Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (55)

This Tinker Bell tattoo looks magical at close-up view.

Floral Mandala Disney Castle Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (56)

The Disney Cinderella castle is enclosed inside Mickey’s head and accentuated by floral elements.

Simplistic Wrist Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (57)

This is quite a sweet, simple, and safe choice for anyone who wants an inconspicuous tattoo.

Mickey Mouse With Hearts

disney tattoo ideas (58)

A playful Mickey Mouse tattoo with hearts.

Cinderella Castle Wrapped in a Bow

disney tattoo ideas (59)

Just like an exciting present, this tattoo wraps the Disney castle in a bow and displays shimmering colors.

The Ferocious Beast

disney tattoo ideas (60)

This geometric tattoo is an excellent choice not only for women but also for men, as it exudes strength and authority.

Mickey Mouse Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (61)

A typical Mickey Mouse pose that looks classic and timeless.

“Remember the Magic” Lifeline Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (62)

Disney is best known for the magic and wonder it brings, and this tattoo is a great reminder of keeping the magic alive.

Winnie the Pooh Chasing a Balloon

disney tattoo ideas (63)

A cute portrayal of Winnie the Pooh looking up to a floating balloon.

Mirror Entrance to a World of Magic

disney tattoo ideas (64)

Thigh tattoos undoubtedly look enticing, more so when they are colorful and meticulously done.

Cute Winnie the Pooh

disney tattoo ideas (65)

A toned-down and very simple depiction of the adorable Winnie the Pooh.

Wizardly Mickey Mouse

disney tattoo ideas (66)

This watercolor tattoo adds a splash of colors to the leg and runs up to the thigh.

Scattered Leaves

disney tattoo ideas (67)

Leaves carried by the wind float across the chest and add interest to the neckline area.

Creative Finger Tattoo 

disney tattoo ideas (68)

This tattoo, which can be seen inked behind the ear and other areas as posted above, is also perfect for your forefinger.

Disney Castle and Minnie Mouse Key Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (69)

This tattoo boasts a symmetrical design with hint of creativity.

Sweet Minnie and Mickey Mouse Upper Chest Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (70)

Another simply irresistible Minnie and Mickey Mouse tattoo.

Belle Wrist Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (71)

This wrist tattoo perfect complements the matching Beast tattoo posted earlier.

Adorable Stitch Side Abdomen Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (72)

A playful tattoo placement with the charming Stitch looking upward.

Geometric Arm Sleeve

disney tattoo ideas (73)

Balance and proportion are apparent in this geometric tattoo.

Luxo Pixar Desk Lamp

disney tattoo ideas (74)

This tattoo shows the classic Pixar desk lamp.

Sleeping Beauty, Fire-Breathing Dragon, and the Evil Queen

disney tattoo ideas (75)

An aesthetic and impressive combination of Sleeping Beauty and her nemesis, the evil queen.

Simplistic Ariel Outline

disney tattoo ideas (76)

A simple version of the Disney princess Ariel.

Inspirational Walt Disney Quote

disney tattoo ideas (77)

This thought-provoking tattoo is a confidence booster and great source of motivation.

Cute Wall-E Matching Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (78)

The futuristic Wall-E looks up with adorable large mechanical eyes to his robot lover.

Realistic Grape Soda Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (79)


Charming Petite Minnie and Mickey Mouse Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (80)

What’s cuter than Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? Small, chibi versions of them, of course!

Loving Cats With Entwined Tails

disney tattoo ideas (81)


Mickey Mouse Balloon

disney tattoo ideas (82)


Andy Foot Sole Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (83)

Just like how Andy has claimed ownership of Woody in the “Toy Story” movie, this tattoo is creatively placed on the sole of the foot.

Snow White Eating the Poisoned Apple Arm Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (84)


“Dream” Disney Logo Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (85)


Simba Nape Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (86)


Artistic Heart-Shaped Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (87)


Imaginative Watercolor Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (88)


Pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ankle Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (89)


Floral-Themed Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (90)


Aladdin’s Magical Lamp

disney tattoo ideas (91)


Complementary Big Sis and Little Sis Tattoos

disney tattoo ideas (92)


Signature-Style Walt Disney Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (93)


Insignia-Style Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (94)


Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Kissing Arm Tatttoos

disney tattoo ideas (95)


Mickey-Shaped Balloons Tied to a Floating House

disney tattoo ideas (96)


Once Upon a Time Fairytale Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (97)


Stitch in a Bottle

disney tattoo ideas (98)


Cute Minnie Mouse Bow Shoulder Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (99)


Matching Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos for Couples

disney tattoo ideas (100)


Sad Donkey Wrist Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (101)


Pocahontas Watercolor Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (102)


Tinker Bell Dancing Around a Flower

disney tattoo ideas (103)


Motivational Walt Disney Quote

disney tattoo ideas (104)


Chibi Version Jack Skellington Arm Tattoo

disney tattoo ideas (105)


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