75+ Unicorn Tattoos that are the Stuff of Legend


Unicorn: The unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

Rainbow Mane Unicorn


This tattoo, pictured on the wearer’s middle finger, shows a unicorn with pinkish hued fur and a multi-colored rainbow mane. While I have no qualms with the piece in question, I do find it funny that the tattoo is located next to a black and gray depiction of a skull and crossbones.


Unfortunately someone has mistakenly confused the mystical winged horse of lore, Pegasus, with the mystical horned horse of lore, the unicorn. Setting the mistakes of my coworkers aside, this tattoo utilizes a palette consisting of multiple pastels while the fur of the Pegasus is embellished with twinkling stars. The tattoo is pictured on the wearer’s forearm because when you have a tattoo of a purple winged horse, it needs to be flaunted.

Black and Gray Unicorn* Back Piece


A black and gray unicorn is illustrated on the upper half of the wearer’s back in this tattoo. While the work isn’t horrendous, this piece is definitely indicative of amateur work. The hooves are disproportionate and misshapen, the feathers aren’t uniform, and the unicorn’s chin is so small the animal could easily be mistaken for an aardvark playing dress-up.

Multi-Faceted Pink Portrait

unicorn-tattoos-28011613This tattoo utilizes a palette of pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and blues. It depicts a unicorn fragmented into facets.

Faceless Unicorn – A Watercolor


A unicorn’s head, devoid of a face, is pictured with watercolors smeared across the piece.

Cosmic Unicorn

A cosmic background is overlaid with a triangle. Inside of the triangle, negative space is used to create the profile of a unicorn in this imaginative piece pictured on the wearer’s forearm.

Unicorn Vomiting Rainbows


A black and gray, cartoon-style unicorn head is pictured vomiting rainbows on the wearer’s right bicep.

Index Finger Horn

A unicorn horn, pictured on the wearer’s index finger, is embellished with a bow at the base.

The Extra-Terrestrials and the Magic Kingdom


This colorful tattoo depicts a unicorn being abducted by a UFO in the foreground while a rainbow and castle sit in the background.

Barely Visible Unicorn

A unicorn sits at the top of the tattoo while a banner reading, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,” runs down the tattoo and past a decrepit black horse near the bottom of the piece.

Traditional Style Unicorn


Traditional styling is used to create this piece depicting a unicorn in a bluish hue.

Surrounding Wreath


A floral wreath surrounds the portrait of a unicorn that sits atop a ribbon in this forearm piece. The tattoo is created using a pastel color palette heavy in blues, pinks, and purples.

Traditional Style Portrait with Flower and Heart Embellishments


This beautiful piece is rife with subtle details that culminate in a stunning tattoo. Gray is used to color the unicorn’s head while the harness is colored using yellow, red, and blue. The unicorn’s mane (reminiscent of a woman’s hair) is detailed with a pattern of white dots and colored pink. Underneath the portrait we see a rose and jingle bells.

That’s a Deer


Good tattoo, not a unicorn, but a good tattoo. A portrait of a male deer, or buck, ascends from a triangle in this tattoo pictured on the back of the wearer’s right arm. Ivy wraps around the deer’s antlers and pink flowers sit in the background.

Bejeweled Unicorn Over Mandala


This tattoo utilizes a purple, green, and blue color palette to illustrate a unicorn with gemstones protruding from its forehead around the horn. Another gemstone sits between the unicorn’s eyes while orange flowers, an orange mandala, and small black leaves are used to embellish the piece. This is in impeccably well done that uses shading to create depth in the unicorn’s face. Notice how the distribution of white ink creates a glimmer in the unicorn’s eyes and the jewels that accent its horn.

Simplified Black Unicorn With A Raging Erection


A hyper simplified depiction of a unicorn is pictured on the wearer’s left arm in black ink. One detail of note is the massive erection pictured between the unicorn’s hind legs. As much as we might like to idealize creatures of myth, we have to understand that a unicorn is just a glorified horse, and is consequently hung like one. I cannot begin to speculate what would possess someone to permanently adorn their body with such an outrageous image except pure, unadulterated idiocy. Good luck getting a job when the interviewer realizes you like to sexualize creatures of lore.

Cartoonish Unicorn with Watercolor Embellishments


Black ink is used to create the image of a unicorn encapsulated in a geometric shape. The piece is located on the wearer’s left shoulder blade and the main image is accented with watercolor smudges.

Cartoon Unicorn Portrait


A cartoon style portrait of a unicorn is created using a palette of vivid white and vibrant blues. A small purple embellishment is used to create separation between the unicorn’s horn and the head of the fabled creature. Star shapes are distributed throughout the piece to create the effect of the animal glittering and the piece is surrounded by an ornate picture frame, the piece is located on the wearer’s left bicep.

Hyper-Colorful Traditional Style Unicorn Portrait


This tattoo, pictured on the wearer’s left forearm, utilizes traditional styling and a diverse color palette to create a cartoon-style portrait of a unicorn surrounded by a frilly portrait embellished with a bow.

Grim Unicorn


This unicorn, illustrated on the wearer’s left forearm, looks grossly displeased with its rendering. Despite a color palette using blues and purples on the head and a rainbow for the horn, this unicorn is far from joyous. This tattoo is proof that even unicorns are capable of experiencing depression. Let’s use this an opportunity to raise awareness for the effect mental illness has on cryptozoological animals.

…I Think That’s a Cosmic Fox


This beautiful tattoo uses the outline of a fox to encapsulate a swirl of cosmic activity in a vibrant color palette. The piece is located on the wearer’s right shoulder blade.

Pissed Off Unicorn


An angry unicorn is pictured with an indecipherable text scrawled up the length of its neck. Despite the tattoo’s simplicity the piece is rife with shaky line-work.

Abstract Unicorn

This awkwardly proportioned unicorn is created using black ink and is located on the wearer’s right calf. The unicorn is inexplicably faceless and the body of the beast is pocked with black dots.

Chubby Behind the Ear Unicorn


A pudgy unicorn created with black ink is pictured behind the wearer’s right ear.

Malformed Unicorn Outline


The outline of a concernedly deformed unicorn is pictured on the right side of the wearer’s hips. I honestly cannot believe nobody found fault with the shape of the unicorn’s snout before the piece was completed.

Blue, Purple, and Pink Unicorn Portrait

A gilded frame with white embellishments surrounds a portrait of a unicorn. The unicorn is depicted in a blue, pink, and purple color palette.

Unicorn Knuckle Tattoos


A blue unicorn is pictured on one wearer’s index finger while a pink unicorn is pictured on the other wearer’s middle finger.

Narwhal and Unicorn

Two portraits are depicted on the wearer’s thighs, both have floral frames, while the wearer on the left has a portrait of a narwhal the wearer on the right has a portrait of a unicorn. The animals are illustrated in black and gray while the flames use a diverse color palette.

Black, Gray, and White Unicorn

A cartoon style unicorn is created in a particularly style as evidenced by the the flowing mane and exaggerated eyelashes. The piece is highlighted with touches of white around the main, black and gray image.

“If we can destroy it…”


A morbid unicorn is surrounded by a colorful smoke and the quote, “If we can destroy it, we will never see all the little pieces.”

Sketch-Style Unicorn and Tree Vignette


A unicorn is depicted in a black sketch style while a vignette encapsulates a series of trees with snow falling around them.

Cracked Unicorn


A unicorn surrounded by a colorful smear of watercolors is accented by a series of criss-crossing black lines.

Cosmic Unicorn


The outline of a unicorn is filled with a black and pink rendition of the cosmos.

Wrist Unicorn


A unicorn with a rainbow colored mane is pictured on the wearer’s wrist in this tattoo.

Bound Unicorn


A unicorn bound by ropes is pictured on the wearer’s calf. The surrounding embellishments are inked in color while the unicorn itself is black and gray.

Black and Gray Cosmic Unicorn

A black and gray unicorn with wiry hair and a wreath around its neck has cosmic images including stars and galaxies on its face is pictured on the wearer’s left thigh.

That Looks Familiar


A black and gray unicorn, very similar to one we saw earlier, is depicted on the wearer’s right shoulder blade.

Unicorn with a Ruby in its Forehead


A unicorn with a vibrant blue and purple mane and a ruby in its forehead is pictured on the wearer’s left calf.

Faceted Unicorn


A multi-faceted unicorn with a rainbow horn is pictured on the wearer’s chest.

War-Torn Unicorn

A weathered unicorn with a goatee wears a traditionally colored suit of armor and is pictured on the wearer’s left thigh.

Unicorn Silhouette


A black unicorn silhouette is pictured above the wearer’s left thumb knuckle.


I describe a lot of pieces as having a watercolor style. Based on the line-work, however, I’m inclined to believe this tattoo is an actual painting.

Creatures of the Forest


This full back piece, shows a unicorn standing in front a tree with a group of animals surrounding the tree.

Star-Covered Unicorn


A black and gray is covered with a smattering of stars along its head and body.

Roses and A Unicorn


A unicorn with a gem on its face its face is accented by a pair of flowers on either side.

Traditional Unicorn


A unicorn done in a simplified, traditional style is depicted on the wearer’s left bicep.

Unicorn from Hell


A black and gray unicorn sits in the front of a yellow mist in the background with red lava beneath. The tattoo is illustrated on the left side of the wearer’s rib cage.

Unicorn and Cherries

A unicorn with cherries in its mane is rendered on the wearer’s left shoulder blade. This piece is created with definitive shading that separates the different parts of the tattoo.

Unicorn with Ornate Armor

A unicorn with a guilded horn and elaborate chest armor has a flowing mane that leads to a red strap around the base of the neck. The tattoo is rendered in color and is located on the wearer’s left thigh.

Unicorn Wrapped in Ribbon


A white unicorn’s body is wrapped in pearls and ribbon while a gem stone is situated near its belly. A few strategically placed flowers embellish the piece and the piece is located on the wearer’s right thigh.

Rainbow Unicorn


This forsaken creature is the combination of a unicorn and a rainbow and is located on the wearer’s right bicep.

Day of the Dead Unicorn


A unicorn with an exposed skeleton has the traditional day of the dead face paint and is accented with flowers. The piece is surrounded by a purple design.

Unicorn and Pink Rose


This tattoo, located on the wearer’s wrist, shows a white unicorn with a purple mane draped in beads. At the bottom right of the unicorn sits a pink rose with purple leaves.

Undead Unicorn

A hyper-realistic undead unicorn is depicted in front of a yellow and orange background encircled by a rainbow.

Cartoon-Style Unicorn


This unicorn, depicted in a blue and purple color palette, is drawn in a cartoon-style with golden horn and a red tattoo on its hind end.

Bushy Haired Unicorn

A white unicorn, rendered on the wearer’s wrist, is depicted with bushy hair around the mane, tail, and ankles.

Determined Unicorn


A green unicorn, shown on the wearer’s left calf, is created in a traditional style and is accented with a pair of green, yellow, and red flowers.

Red and White Unicorn


A unicorn, pictured on the wearer’s wrist, has a white body with a red mane and tail.

Unicorn and Purple Rose

This tattoo shows an elaborate purple rose in the foreground, a green unicorn in the mid-ground, and a yellow moon in the background.

Hyper-Colorful Winged Unicorn

A colorful winged unicorn, or potentially a horned pegasus, sits in front of a background that includes a myriad of stars and clouds alongside a magical castle.

Unicorn Portrait


A portrait of a white unicorn surrounded by the night sky with glimmering stars is located on the wearer’s right foot.

Unicorn Vignette


Here we have another colorful unicorn vignette surrounded by an ornate frame that is embellished at the bottom center by a red heart.

Cosmic Unicorn


An outline of a unicorn is filled with the black and blue swirls the cosmos. The artist did a phenomenal job of shading the piece to create the galaxies and stars and make them appear more realistic.

“My Unique Horn”


A unicorn, depicted on the wearer’s right bicep, is created using traditional style and coloring. A banner underneath the unicorn reads, “MY UNIQUE HORN.”

Ring Finger Unicorn


A pink unicorn with purple eyes and a purple mane is illustrated on the wearer’s left ring finger.

Enraged Unicorn


A white unicorn with an enraged look on its face is surrounded by red and yellow embellishments. Pink strings of pearls wrap around the head and body of the fabled animal and hold a jewel in the middle of beast’s chest.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”


A White unicorn with a pink and blue mane is pictured on the wearer’s right bicep. Underneath the unicorn reads the quote, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” in blue writing.

Unicorn in Ornate Frame


A purple and blue unicorn sits over a green background surrounded by a gold frame in this tattoo pictured on the wearer’s right thigh. The jewel that sits at the center of the frame is broken, a unique touch to a popular concept.

Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow Mane


A white unicorn with a gradient mane colored purple, blue, green, and yellow mane is pictured on the wearer’s left foot.

Unicorn in a Cup


A white unicorn sits in a blue cup rimmed with pearls while a pink mist creates a background and a clump of crystals sits in the foreground.

Strictly Shading


This tattoo, located on the wearer’s left hip, foregoes outlines and creates the image of a gray unicorn with three roses underneath exclusively using shading.

Baby Blue Unicorn Portrait


A baby blue unicorn is surrounded by flowers and an golden frame embellished with jewels.

Geometric Unicorn


This tattoo, illustrated on wearer’s lower right leg, shows a unicorn created by combining geometric shapes. In lieu of shading parts of the unicorn are colored with series of black lines.

Traditional Style Portrait

This tattoo, pictured on the wearer’s right thigh, utilizes a predominantly blue color palette to create the image of a unicorn wearing a riding bit and is embellished with a flower and cloud like outline.

Winged Unicorn


This tattoo, depicting a winged unicorn on the right side of the wearer’s rib cage, is created using bold black outlines.

Blue Unicorn

Once again we see a unicorn that is created without the use of outlines. The artist used shading and vibrant colors to separate the parts of the animal and create definition.

Unicorn and Colorful Clouds


A blue and white unicorn in front of a purple and pink swirl of clouds is located on the wearer’s left calf.

Black and Gray Unicorn


A hyper-detailed black and gray unicorn is pictured on the right side of the wearer’s chest in this tattoo.

Unicorn, Peacock Feathers, Flowers, Hearts and Diamonds


A unicorn is surrounded by a golden frame that is surrounded by peacock feathers, flowers, hearts, butterflies, diamonds, and a ribbon.

“You Need to Believe in Yourself”


A unicorn is pictured in front of a cosmic background while a banner underneath reads, “YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.”

Unicorn with Butterfly


A unicorn with a rainbow colored mane sports a rainbow horn and a colorful butterfly on its nose.

Stylized Unicorn


A red unicorn with a purple goatee, mane, and hooves is pictured in front of a green background in this tattoo.